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IMDb app for Windows Mobile released

If you’re a real movie fanatic and just don’t want to miss the buzz on the latest movies, you might want to try this IMDb app for your Windows Mobile handset. It has plenty of cool features which will keep you updated on latest movies, reviews and ratings.

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Running on a Tablet

At CTIA, a tablet with a 7 inch screen was spotted with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 under the hood. Clearly the OS is not designed to run on a tablet. It might sound ridiculous but it does look tempting to use.  

Toshiba TG01 Finally Gets Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade!

Good news for all Toshiba TG01 Smartphone users, the phone finally gets the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade as promised by Toshiba themselves. Users can download the upgrade as we speak and fully enjoy the functionality which Windows Mobile 6.5 has to offer.

HTC HD2 comes to T-mobile Launch on 24th March

The T-Mobile HTC HD2 launch date is scheduled for March 24. During the press conference at Mobile World Congress ,Mobile USA, Inc. declared the creation of a  broad mobile entertainment experience for the upcoming HTC HD2, available solely in the U.S from T-Mobile this spring. The HTC HD2 will be situated as a Windows Mobile(…)

Windows Phone 7 Series revealed by Microsoft

Windows Phone 7 Series revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 7 Series at Mobile World Conference today and it has taken the tech community by storm. Even Engadget has a very positive review about the operating system so far. It’s clean, simple and flashy at the same time. The usability of the home screen beats anything that Apple has to(…)

Official Bing app for iPhone coming soon

The Microsoft principal group program manager David Raissipour all but confirmed that they’re working on a Bing app for the iPhone. He said that Microsoft is working on the iPhone app which will have more than just mapping and search, but declined to give a time line for the release. Ina Fried also questioned the(…)

Run Android on your HTC Windows Mobile phone

If you’ve got an HTC Touch Pro, Touch HD, or Diamond, you can try out Android on your device thanks to this guide over at Kong Technology. The steps are relatively simple for getting Android up and running on your HTC phone. The best thing about this guide is that Android wont actually replace your(…)

Enable WiFi 11n in HTC HD2 in exchange for battery life

Did you know that the HTC HD2 ships with a WiFi 802.11n adapter? The capability of this adapter is restricted to 802.11g to save battery life. But for those of you who want blazing fast wireless transfer speeds on your HTC HD2, here’s a simple hack discovered by XDA developers which enables WiFi 11n.