The Motorola Devour Super Bowl ad with Megan Fox in a bath tub is a Geek dream come true

Megan Fox with MotoblurAndroid – 1, iPhone – 0. If you thought Super Bowl ads couldn’t get anymore interesting you were wrong. We didn’t have Megan Fox holding a phone in her hand, in a bath tub, taking pictures of herself and wondering about the consequences – until now, thanks to Motorola. They decided that it was the best way to advertise Motoblur and their newest Android smartphone, Devour (announced by Verizon a few days ago) and we couldn’t help agree less. Even though this phone doesn’t have top of the line specifications, ( my Motorola Cliq is way better ), Megan Fox could sell quiet a few of these Android 1.6 handsets ( no 2.1? really Motorola? ). Hell, I’d buy one of these if I could Twitpic Megan Fox though.

Check out the advertisement after the break:

Now only if they would show us the picture she took. Check out the Aftershock video as well at Motorola.