UISettings: iOS 5 Notification Center Widget Released, Download Now!

Here comes the first ever widget for the all new Notification Center introduced in iOS 5, a feature that aggregates all the notifications in one place and can be easily accessed by swiping down from the top. The widget requires a jailbreak and is called UISettings which is basically a neat replacement for SBSettings with quick on and off toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Respring etc. If you’ve already got iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad, just follow the steps below to try out the UISettings widget.


Step 1:

Jailbreak your device on iOS 5 beta1 following this guide.

Step 2:

Open up Cydia and add the following repo:



(It will probably time-out, so continue to refresh it and eventually it will work)

Step 3:

Now you can install UISettings.

That’s it, enjoy!

**NOTE: You’ll have to tap and hold your selection ( i.e ‘respring’ ) for one second and then release to make it work!

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[via FSM]

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  • person287

    That looks great! Really well integrated into the design. Now I only need a way to get iOS 5…

    By the way is it by the same people as SBSettings or is it designed by somebody else?

  • Tim Smith

    I get a size mismatch error

  • Christine Jane

    So they created SBSettings in the Notification Center and renamed it UI Settings? Also if I’m not mistaken I thought you can access SBS from apps…