Free Vista Ultimate licenses giveaway for fans!!

For all those who love Cricket ( the sport ), I’ve got a really awesome giveaway today. Free Vista Ultimate 32/64 bit licenses. All you have to do participate is to show your support for the Cricket teams in the Twenty20 World Cup final today between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Twitter*. Along with the flag, you’ll have to tweet:image

RT @imhassan <insert encouraging message for the either Cricket Team> end Tweet with #PakCricket

Remember, don’t spam. Tweet original stuff. And don’t forget to add #PakCricket and RT @imhassan to the Tweet to be eligible for the contest. Leaving a comment on this blog post would obviously double your chances to win! Whether you are from Sri Lanka or Pakistan, or support whichever team, you can take part in the contest.

No matter which team wins at the end of the day, we’re all winners in this competition keeping in mind the troubles both Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been through in recent times. Lets hope this Cricket contest sparks a new era of unity and high spirits.

Winners will be announced after the match.**

Update: A little change in rules on request. You can even participate if you’re not a cricket fan. Just put the #PakCricket in your tweet and RT @imhassan :)

Fine print:
*You need a Twitter account for this, sign up here.
**Contest not affiliated with Microsoft.

Contest Ends. Winners have been contacted via DM.

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