Apple publishes fitting guide and instructions for face shields

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced on Twitter that Apple will be shipping over 1 million face shields per week to medical personnel to help fight the ongoing pandemic. Each shield is specially designed to be easy to assemble and takes about two minutes. The masks are fully adjustable and use sourcing materials from the United States and China. “Our focus is on unique ways Apple can help, meeting essential needs of caregivers urgently and at a scale the circumstances require,” said Cook.

Following that announcement, Apple has published support guidelines for workers who will eventually use these shields provided by Apple. The device is simple to use and becomes an additional layer of protections for workers who have direct exposure to patients with COVID-19 symptoms.


Apple’s face shield is being shipped in numbers to different locations, due to which the company has now posted an instruction blog for how these shields can be easily assembled. The directions are easy to follow. The support page also includes an instruction video about how the shield can be assembled which can be downloaded from the support page along with the in-box instruction manual.

Workers in Santa Clara, California, have already started receiving shipments of these shields from Apple. Apple’s CEO claimed in his video announcement on Monday that the company will ship over 1 Million shields per week. Apple is putting in a lot of effort to help people deal with the ongoing pandemic with a new app and website available to help screen COVID-19 symptoms, sourcing masks, and now manufacturing face shields.


Medical professionals working at front-line, away from self-isolation like the rest of the world, are at a much higher risk to catch the virus. Many hospitals around the globe are severely experiencing a shortage of staff and supplies for dealing with the pandemic. Therefore, Apple isn’t the only company manufacturing these devices. Due to present circumstances, Space X, Ford, Tesla and GM are also working towards supplying medical care equipment such as ventilators and sanitation products. A smaller group of volunteers have also started manufacturing medical supplies for workers.

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