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Download Galaxy S9 Wallpapers for any Smartphone

Samsung released its newest flagship smartphones, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus this month. The smartphones ship with new camera technology, faster processors, FaceID Intelligent Scan facial unlock, Animojis AR Emojis and more. However, it has the same design as its predecessor, Galaxy S8. Galaxy S9 might not come with a brand new design but it does have a brand new set of wallpapers.

How to win at free-to-play games for mobile devices

Free-to-play games are all the rage nowadays on smartphone and tablet platforms. While they are free for users to download, install and play, progression is normally very slow. Ask any gamer how long it took to reach a high level at any particular game, like Clash of Clans, and the answer will probably be in months or years. An alternative, or official way to cheat …

Amazon Anytime – New FaceTime and iMessage competitor in the works

Amazon is reportedly working on a new messaging service called Anytime which will support video and voice calls, text messages, encryption, group chats and much more. Amazon already has calling and messaging features in Alexa so Anytime might be their step into making it cross-platform and reach a larger user base.

Twitter adds more controls to mute notifications option

Twitter has added new filters to their mute notifications option available on their website and in their smartphones app for iOS and Android. The new mute options give you more control by allowing you to mute tweets of certain accounts that you do not wish to see on your timeline. You will not receive SMS or push notifications from the muted accounts. The muted accounts will …

Game of Thrones has a Special New Filter on Snapchat. Here’s how to get it

The seventh season of Game of Thrones, one of the most popular shows of all times, will begin this month. Catering to worldwide fans, HBO has released a special limited time filter for the show. You can become a ‘White Walker’ (the un-dead villain of the North) for sixty minutes by applying the Game of Thrones filter. 

Facebook Messenger adds reactions, filters, masks and screenshots to video chat

Facebook Messenger has been updated with new features for video chat, in version 128.0. The latest updates allow you to decorate yourself and the screen during one-on-one and group video chats, to make the experience more entertaining and memorable. You can add filters, apply masks and effects, show reactions, and take screen shots to save and send pictures of your time together during live chat. …

Snapchat adds voice filters, backdrops and links in new update

Snapchat has released an update which allows you to add website links, backdrops to your snaps and record videos in different voices. The latest update, version 10.12, is now available worldwide for iOS and Android. These features further extend the creative toolset that Snapchat provides to its users to create entertaining and expressive stories.

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow is now available for iOS and Android

Although the animated science fiction sitcom “Futurama” came to a close in 2013, it was not the end of the eccentric cast of characters that fans have come to love since the show first started in 1999. The shows success over the years was not just going to come to a close with the final episode. Fans waited patiently for “Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow” since …

Unicode 10 with 56 new Emojis coming soon to iOS and Android

The Unicode Consortium has released Unicode Standard 10 with both core specification and data files. The latest version of Unicode is loaded with 136, 690 characters, and 139 scripts which include four new scripts and 56 new emoji characters. Focusing on delivering to a diverse set of people around the world, the new characters and scripts are added to support lesser-used languages and unique written …

Sega Forever: collection of free classic games come to iOS and Android

Sega has released Sega Forever to bring its iconic characters from the 90s to iOS and Android. Sega Forever is a collection of classic games for smartphones which has launched with Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon and Phantasy Star II. The games are free with in-app advertisements. You can disable ads forever by making a $1.99 in-app purchase. For now, Sega Forever consists of …