Zenless Zone Zero officially launching globally on July 4

HoYoverse’s highly anticipated action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, is officially launching globally on July 4, 2024. This urban fantasy action RPG promises a blend of thrilling gameplay, a compelling storyline, and visually stunning graphics.

Zenless Zone Zero: Dive into the cyberpunk action with the new beta test

Setting and storyline

“Zenless Zone Zero” transports players to New Eridu, a post-apocalyptic metropolis and the last bastion of humanity. The world is under siege by Ethereal entities that emerge from mysterious portals known as Hollows.

These interdimensional invaders have decimated much of humanity, leaving New Eridu as the final refuge. Players take on the role of a Proxy, a special operative tasked with exploring these dangerous dimensions, battling Ethereal forces, and uncovering the secrets behind their origin.

Zenless Zone Zero

Gameplay mechanics

The game is designed to offer a rich and engaging experience, combining elements of action RPG and roguelike mechanics. As a Proxy, players will recruit and manage a team of diverse characters, each with unique abilities and skills.

Combat in ZZZ is dynamic and fast-paced, allowing players to unleash powerful combos and strategic attacks against various enemies and bosses. The game emphasizes teamwork and strategy, requiring players to carefully plan their party composition and tactics to overcome challenges.

Visuals and art style

HoYoverse is renowned for its distinctive anime-inspired art style, and ZZZ is no exception. The game features beautifully rendered characters and environments, blending futuristic and urban fantasy aesthetics.

The vibrant visuals are complemented by high-quality animations and effects, creating an immersive and visually stunning experience for players.

Zenless Zone Zero

Beta testing and community engagement

“Zenless Zone Zero” has undergone several closed beta tests, known as Tuning Tests, to fine-tune gameplay and gather feedback from the community. These tests have been crucial in shaping the final product, ensuring a polished and enjoyable experience at launch.

The latest beta, the Amplifying Test, concluded in May 2024, and HoYoverse has used the insights gained to make significant improvements.

Pre-registration and rewards

To build anticipation and reward early supporters, HoYoverse has launched a pre-registration campaign with exclusive in-game rewards. Players who pre-register can earn valuable items and materials, which will be available upon the game’s release.

The rewards are tiered based on the number of pre-registrations, with milestones already surpassed, promising generous bonuses for all participants.

Zenless Zone Zero

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