Umberto Canessa Cerchi: How Pink Moon Studios is redefining MMORPGs with World of Kogaea

In a rare interview, we got the chance to talk with the whirlwind CEO of Pink Moon Studios, Umberto Canessa Cerchi, and dissect the inspirations and ins and outs of their latest gaming drop: World of Kogaea. Our exclusive look behind the scenes of the highly anticipated drop revealed Umberto’s clear passion and dedication that fueled his work.

Pink Moon Studios is a mere decade old, yet it has been changing paradigms within the industry. Due to innovative gameplay and profoundly immersive worlds, the studio has scaled insurmountable heights. Umberto has spearheaded the business since its inception in driving the design of experiences that resonate deeply with players. His leadership thus instilled a culture of creativity and excellence within Pink Moon Studios, making the company aim for the skies.


World of Kogaea represents a significant milestone for the studio. Described as an expansive open-world RPG, the game promises to transport players to a meticulously crafted universe filled with rich lore, diverse landscapes, and engaging characters. Umberto shared insights into the development process, emphasizing the team’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in game design.

So we started nearly three years ago in 2021, and we raised $10 million from Silicon Valley investors. We spend the last two years, focusing on working on our own because at the end of the day if you ask the vision of our studio, it is to create a vast universe of interconnected MMORPG games where your characters and your assets render differently.

We try to provide the luxury of sharing assets between games meaning that I do not have to start every time from scratch, we had to figure out how to make our games self capable on its own. What we wanted was to create a universe of interconnected games, and one of the biggest part of the engine is creating and launching more games with the same idea of not starting from scratch. 

The game’s narrative centers around a land on the brink of chaos, where players must navigate through political intrigue, ancient mysteries, and formidable adversaries. Each decision made in Kogaea carries weight, shaping the world and the fate of its inhabitants. This depth of choice and consequence is a hallmark of Pink Moon Studios’ design philosophy, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever the same. 


World of Kogaea

One of the standout features of World of Kogaea is its stunning visual art, which has been meticulously crafted to create an immersive experience. The landscapes are not just backdrops but integral parts of the storytelling. Umberto spoke at length about the artistic video, noting how the team drew inspiration from various cultures and natural wonders to build a world that feels both fantastical and authentic. 

In discussing the challenges faced during development, Umberto highlighted the importance of community feedback. The studio has always maintained a close relationship with its player base, often incorporating fan suggestions and criticisms to refine its project. This collaborative approach has fostered a loyal community that eagerly anticipates each new release. 

We always had a very open approach in terms of development you know by also that we are like a sort of a web3 company, we also have a very committed community of 200,000 people and so since the beginning, we always try to involve the community and the players in the development because in this way we can design something that will be appreciated by the community. Receiving feedback helps us understand that what we developed was good enough or not, what has to be changed or not.

We actually started with these tests, the first one we has was back in Septemeber last year it was for like 2040 people and then we had another one in October and then another one in January. Of course, we implement all the feedback that we received during the previous test runs because the feedback is extremely useful and valuable. You might end up spending five years building a perfect product and then you launch it and the people might not like it because you probably missed something here and there, so for these reasons we we test runs and we want to really have as much as people involved during the entire development process of the game.

CEO of Pink Moon Studios, Umberto Canessa Cerchi
CEO of Pink Moon Studios, Umberto Canessa Cerchi

Moreover, World of Kogaea introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that set it apart from its predecessors. The combat system, for instance, blends strategic planning with real-action action, offering players a dynamic and engaging experience. Additionally, the game’s multiplayer component encourages cooperative play, allowing friends to embark on epic quests together. On asking about how the studio will ensure a seamless zero-lag experience during high-intensity moments in the game, Umberto had this to say:

It mostly depends on the the device being used, the entire optimization of our network system in terms of network connect. You know we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel in this perspective, there is a lot of literature on how to build the game, and among the various challenges that we faced, the biggest challenge ofcourse was ensuring seamless zero-lag experience during high-intensity gameplay.

As the release date for World of Kogaea approaches, the excitement within the gaming community is palpable. Umberto’s vision and the collective effort of the Pink Moon Studios team have culminated in a game that promises to be both a critical and commercial success. The journey of Kogaea is one that players will not soon forget, marking yet another triumph in Pink Moon Studios’ illustrious portfolio. 

Our community is actually pretty strong. We have always been very open and we always have had a sort of creation appraoch for our game. Meaning that every tiime we have a doubt, every time there is a discussion, or there is a new feature or idea whatever, we do share it with our community. We do collect feedback from the community and we extremely value it.

world of kogaea

In conclusion, Umberto’s leadership and the studio’s unwavering commitment to quality have once again delivered a gaming experience that stands out in a crowded market. World of Kogaea is more than just a game; it is a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, passion, and community come together. As we await the launch, one thing is certain: Pink Moon Studios has crafted a world that will captivate and inspire players for years to come.