iOS 18 will offer app icon customization and custom emoji creation

Get ready to ditch the grid and express yourself like never before! Apple’s upcoming iOS 18, expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2024 on June 10th, promises a revolutionary user experience for iPhone enthusiasts. Headlining the update is a complete overhaul of the home screen, giving you ultimate control over app placement and introducing a groundbreaking feature: customizable app icons.

iOS 18

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 18 is enhanced home screen customization. Users will no longer be restricted to the traditional fixed grid layout for app icons. Instead, they will be able to place icons freely across the home screen, creating a more personalized and organized digital space.

Moreover, Apple is introducing a groundbreaking feature that allows users to change the color of app icons. This customization means users can categorize apps by color for a more visually coherent home screen. For instance, social media apps can be set to blue, while finance apps can be green. Although it remains unclear whether users will be able to replace icons entirely with custom images, the ability to recolor icons represents a significant leap in home screen personalization.

iOS 18 is not just about aesthetic upgrades; it is also packed with powerful AI-driven functionalities designed to enhance usability and productivity. One of the standout AI features is the generative AI tool for creating custom emojis. This tool will enable users to generate unique emojis based on their text input, providing a fresh way to express emotions and ideas beyond the standard emoji catalog.

In addition to emoji creation, AI capabilities will be integrated across various native apps. For example, the Photos app will likely benefit from advanced AI for better image organization and search functionalities. Safari is expected to include intelligent search enhancements and a new Web Eraser tool, making browsing more intuitive and efficient.


Beyond specific apps, iOS 18 aims to weave AI seamlessly into the daily use of iPhones. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, will likely become more contextually aware, offering smarter suggestions and more accurate responses. The Notes app will also see significant improvements, including recording voice memos and integrating mathematical expressions directly into notes.

Furthermore, AI integration will extend to Apple’s productivity suite, including Pages and Keynote. These apps might feature new AI-driven tools to automate formatting and content generation, streamlining user workflow.

(via Bloomberg)

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