Google Play Store finally allows to download multiple apps at the same time

Google recently started rolling out simultaneous app downloads on the Play Store. This means you can download multiple apps at the same time, instead of having to wait for one to finish before starting another.

Google Play Store

This is a major improvement from the older system where you had to wait for one app to finish downloading before starting another, especially when setting up a new device or catching up on a backlog of downloads.

Here’s what you need to know:

Double the download speed (for new apps):

  • Currently, the Play Store allows simultaneous downloads for new apps only, with a limit of two at a time. Any additional apps you try to download will be placed in a pending state until space becomes available. While this might seem like a limitation, it’s a major step forward compared to the previous single-file system. 

New phone setup gets a boost:

  • This feature is a game-changer for anyone setting up a new Android device. Downloading all your favorite apps used to be a tedious waiting game. Now, you can download your essential apps much faster, getting your new phone up and running in no time.


App updates still stuck in a single lane (for now):

  • It’s important to note that this simultaneous download functionality doesn’t currently apply to app updates. Those will still download one at a time, following the old queue system. Hopefully, Google will expand this feature to include app updates in the future.Google Play Store


Early rollout, wider availability expected:

  • This feature seems to be in a wider rollout stage, but not all users might have it yet. Reports suggest it’s appearing on devices running Android 14 and Play Store version 40.6.31. Expect wider availability in the coming weeks.

While the two-download limit might seem small compared to Apple’s App Store (which can handle three simultaneously), it’s a major step forward for Android users. This update signifies a more user-friendly Play Store experience

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