Delta retro game emulator coming soon to iPad

The highly-anticipated Delta retro game emulator that recently arrived on iPhone is being prepped for iPad as well.

For those unfamiliar, Delta acts as a one-stop shop for retro gaming, allowing you to revisit your favorite classics from various consoles. Now, imagine enjoying those pixelated gems on the expansive canvas of the iPad.

Delta emulator

The prospect of having a retro game emulator on the iPad opens up a world of possibilities for gaming on the go. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply lounging at home, the iPad’s portability combined with the diverse library of retro games promises endless entertainment.

From timeless classics like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to cult favorites like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, the Delta emulator aims to bring back the magic of these iconic titles, all conveniently accessible on your iPad.

Delta emulator

One of the key aspects that sets Delta apart is its commitment to delivering a seamless and feature-rich emulation experience. With a user-friendly interface designed specifically for touchscreens, navigating through your favorite games becomes intuitive and effortless.

Moreover, Delta offers support for a wide range of retro gaming consoles, including Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and more, ensuring that players have access to an extensive library of titles spanning multiple generations.

Customization and enhancements:

Delta goes beyond basic emulation by offering a suite of customization options and enhancements to enhance the gaming experience. Players can fine-tune graphics settings, apply filters to enhance visual quality, and even customize control schemes to suit their preferences.

Additionally, features like save states and cheat code support add an extra layer of convenience and flexibility, allowing players to pick up right where they left off or add a new twist to their gameplay.

While specifics haven’t been fully revealed yet, we can expect Delta for iPad to inherit the core functionalities that made its iPhone counterpart such a success. This likely includes support for a wide range of retro consoles, allowing you to revisit classics from the NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and beyond.

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