Wuthering Waves servers are officially open

Kuro Games officially launched their highly anticipated open-world action RPG, “Wuthering Waves,” on May 22, 2024. The game is now available on multiple platforms, including PC, iOS, Android, and the Epic Games Store. However, the servers were closed until yesterday. The game is now officially playable!


A post-apocalyptic world

“Wuthering Waves” transports players to a world set a century after a cataclysmic event. You play as a “Rover,” a character who awakens in a devastated world filled with ruins and remnants of a once-thriving civilization.

Your mission is to explore this post-apocalyptic landscape, uncover its mysteries, and help humanity rebuild from the ashes. The game’s narrative is rich with lore, promising an immersive experience for those who love story-driven games.

Wuthering Waves world

Gameplay: Combat, exploration, and strategy

The gameplay in “Wuthering Waves” combines fast-paced combat with strategic elements and exploration. Players can expect high-octane action reminiscent of games like “Devil May Cry,” where performing combos and perfect dodges are key to defeating enemies​ (PCGamesN).

One of the standout features is the ability to switch between different characters, each with unique abilities and skills, similar to the mechanics in “Genshin Impact”

In addition to combat, the game emphasizes exploration. Players can traverse the world by running up buildings, gliding over gaps, and using grappling hooks to navigate through the environment. This not only adds a layer of excitement but also allows for strategic positioning during battles.

Wuthering-Waves Combat

The Echoes system

“Wuthering Waves” introduces an innovative system called Echoes. When you defeat an enemy, they may leave behind a “shadow” of their former self, which you can absorb and use to enhance your characters.

These Echoes act as artifacts that provide stat boosts and unique abilities, adding depth to the gameplay and encouraging players to experiment with different setups​

Wuthering-Waves- Echoes

Character and team customization

Customization is at the heart of “Wuthering Waves.” Players can form teams of up to three characters, though only one character can be active on the battlefield at a time. This system encourages players to mix and match their roster to create powerful combinations capable of tackling various challenges.

The game’s gacha system allows players to obtain new characters and weapons, further expanding their tactical options​

Stunning visuals and an engaging storyline

Kuro Games has crafted a visually stunning world filled with detailed environments and beautifully designed characters. The game’s art style blends realistic elements with fantastical designs, creating a captivating visual experience.

The storyline, which has undergone significant revisions based on player feedback from closed beta tests, promises to be both engaging and emotionally resonant, keeping players hooked as they uncover the secrets of the world.


Servers open: The adventure begins

The global servers for “Wuthering Waves” officially opened today, allowing players from around the world to dive into this expansive universe. As the servers went live, thousands of players began their journeys as Rovers, exploring the intricate landscapes, engaging in dynamic combat, and unraveling the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world.

The launch day has seen an overwhelming response, with players eager to experience everything that “Wuthering Waves” has to offer.

Pre-Registration and Launch Rewards

To celebrate the launch, “Wuthering Waves” offered pre-registration rewards, including in-game currency and exclusive items. Over 16 million players pre-registered, highlighting the game’s massive appeal and the anticipation surrounding its release.

If you missed the pre-registration, fear not, as the game continues to offer various events and rewards to keep the community engaged.


“Wuthering Waves” is poised to be a major hit in the RPG genre, combining an intriguing storyline, dynamic combat, and a richly detailed world. Whether you are a fan of action-packed gameplay or love delving into a game’s lore, “Wuthering Waves” offers something for everyone.

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