Solo Leveling: ARISE: action-packed RPG experience – Review

Netmarble’s latest mobile game, Solo Leveling: Arise, is based on the popular webtoon and anime and promises an exciting RPG experience. But, is it worth the hype, or is it just another game trying to cash in on a fan-favorite? Let’s take a closer look and see if this game is worth your time.


Firstly, Solo Leveling: Arise does an excellent job of capturing the look and feel of the source material. The character designs, environments, and overall aesthetic are a perfect tribute to the original webtoon.

Combat with bite

Combat is another standout feature of the game. It’s fast-paced, and combo-driven, and includes dodging mechanics and quick-time events that make you feel like a powerful Hunter. The ability to customize your character with different equipment and party compositions adds an extra layer of strategy to the game.


The Grind is real

However, the game does have some downsides. The core gameplay loop of battling through dungeons can become repetitive, especially for players who don’t want to spend money. The game’s free gacha pulls are helpful but don’t expect to acquire high-rarity characters without spending real money.

Monetization: A hunter’s trial

Solo Leveling: Arise relies heavily on in-app purchases, making it difficult for players who prefer a balanced free-to-play experience. This may be disappointing for some players who don’t want to spend money on the game.


In conclusion, Solo Leveling: Arise is a great game for fans of the webtoon and anime. The game’s visuals and combat are excellent, and it expands on the story in intriguing ways.

However, the game’s repetitive gameplay and reliance on in-app purchases may not be for everyone. If you’re a dedicated fan and don’t mind spending money, then Solo Leveling: Arise is definitely worth a try.

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