Former Apple employee charged for defrauding over $10 million from the company

Reuters reports that a former Apple employee, Dhirendra Prasad, has been charged for defrauding more than $10 million from the tech giant. The U.S. prosecutors filed five criminal counts against Prasad in the federal court in San Jose, California accusing him of exploiting his “position of trust” as a buyer in the company’s global service supply chain to defraud millions in a series of schemes.


A former buyer at Apple took kickbacks, faked repairs, and used other schemes to defraud the company

Dhirendra Prasad was fired from Apple in December 2018, after spending 10 years at the company. According to the court filing, Prasand conspired with two vendors to defraud the Cupertino tech giant by taking kickbacks, ordering fake repairs, and other schemes.

Prosecutors said that as an Apple buyer, Prasad negotiated with vendors and placed orders, with Apple making payments based on invoice amounts he entered into its purchasing system.

Prasad allegedly defrauded Apple by taking kickbacks, stealing parts using false repair orders, and causing Apple to pay for items and services it never received. 

He is also accused of evading taxes, money laundering, and committing wire and mail fraud, crimes against the United States. Prasad’s two accomplice vendors pleaded guilty in December and his arraignment will be held on March 24. The Prosecutors are seeking Prasad to forfeit his real estate and assets worth millions of dollars.

Last year as well, Apple filed a lawsuit against a former engineer, Simon Lancaster for leaking the company’s trade secrets laws, nondisclosure policies, valuable information about unannounced features, the company’s future plans, and devices to a journalist. at the U.S District Court of the Northern District of Columbia.

The tech giant wants the court to find Lancaster in breach of a written contract and for violating the Defense of Trade Secret Act and California Uniform Trade Secret Act.

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