iPad Pro changes the way archaeologists preserve the ancient history of Pompeii

A new article by Apple details that amongst the tools used by archaeologists to dig the ancient site at Pompeii is the iPad Pro, used for recording data and preserving it for future reconstructions. For Tulane University professor Dr. Allison Emmerson, who is leading the dig, iPad Pro with Apple pencil supports is “the perfect archaeology machine” and it is revolutionizing the field.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro empowers archaeologists to adopt new and more efficient workflows

Dr. Emmerson and her team is working on ancient Roman communities like women, the enslaved, and the poor which have been excluded from the study.

And in their process of unearthing and discovering the story behind the site and its people, the tech team co-led by Dr. Alex Elvis Badillo introduced the versatile iPad Pro which has helped them adopt new, more efficient, and paperless workflows to collect data faster, more accurately, and more securely. Dr. Jordan Rogers, an excavation supervisor said:

“The way I have always recorded on past digs was on paper with pencils or pens,” says Rogers. “And when you drew something, you did it on graph paper, and used string and levels to measure where things were located. Photos were taken on separate cameras that you had to upload manually once you got back home. Everything was in a different place, and every night involved many hours transferring your day’s notes onto your computer.”

iPad Pro

Furthermore, iPad Pro’s larger battery, LiDAR scanner, and Apple Pencil support allow them to easily capture data. Another excavation supervisor, Mary-Evelyn Farrior said:

“I’ve used iPad in the field twice before this dig. But this is the first time I used iPad Pro and have been able to collect all types of information in one place. I’m sketching trench plans in Concepts with Apple Pencil, I’m taking photos with the camera, I’m typing in my observations on the Magic Keyboard. I’m able to bring all of these things together at incredible speed — and the battery has lasted all day in extreme temperatures and the dusty environment of the excavation.”

All archaeologists preserving the ancient history of Pompeii conclude that the iPad Pro plays a significant role in their excavation.

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