Now, Twitter lets iPhone users create and share GIFs directly in the app

Twitter for iOS has added a new feature to make users’ interactions more entertaining and expressive. iPhone users can now directly create GIFs in the app to share with friends, family, and followers.

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is an image format that can be used to create still or animated images without audio. It can be considered more like a flipbook that holds several pictures at once. With social media’s boom, GIFs also gained popularity, and more and more platforms introduced support for the format. Now, Twitter allows iPhone user to show their creative side to get a message across only visually.


Here is how to easily capture and share GIFs on Twitter for iOS

For iOS users who wish to create their own GIFs rather than just sharing the available ones, Twitter has introduced the new feature to capture and post GIFs for them. Here is how users can quickly make and share a GIF on Twitter via the in-app camera.

  1. Tap on the new tweet ‘compose’ icon.
  2. Tap on the camera button, to open the in-app camera and select the GIF option.
  3. Capture an image and once satisfied, select the “Use GIF” option.
  4. The GIF will automatically appear as an attachment in a tweet.
  5. Simply add in a caption if you want and tap on the “Tweet” option to share it on your timeline. A GIF can be captured from both selfie and rear cameras, with or without flash and users easily can retake the image as well.

Twitter iOS - GIFs

To offer iOS users new features, Twitter has been testing a new search bar on the Home tab for users to quickly look for tweets and accounts as soon as they open the app, TikTok like “Quote Tweet with reaction” to retweet posts with their personal video-based reaction and others.

The company also updated the timeline to show algorithmic suggestions by default instead of chronological feed. Instagram made the same change years ago, but users’ feedback on the changes was not positive. Let’s see how Twitter’s new algorithm-based timeline will do.

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