1Password 8 for Mac released with design overhaul, Quick Access, and Watchtower dashboard

1Password 8 for Mac is now available with an updated design, new Quick Access search, Watchtower dashboard, Universal Autofill, and more. The update is available for free for existing 1Password 7 users.

1Password 8 New design

1Password 8 for Mac Features

Here is a look at all the new features available with this update:

Design updates

1Password 8 has received a new design language that is more vibrant than before. Improved typography and iconography can be found throughout the app, while still keeping the design Mac native. Despite the design updates, the app is still familiar to use so there is no learning curve involved. If you use Safari as your default browser, 1Password feels right at home.

1Password 8 Safari

Quick Access

This is a new search feature that works exactly like Spotlight search in Safari. With a quick keyboard shortcut, users can invoke the floating Quick Access search box and search for their data. Using just keyboard shortcuts, users can copy usernames and passwords, as well as find smart suggestions for login information for the current app that they are using.

1Password 8 Quick Access

This feature will make it much faster for power users to gain access to their saved login information or credit card details, no matter which app they use.

Another addition to Quick Fill is that users can use a keyboard shortcut in any app on Mac to autofill their username, password, and 2FA code. This feature is called Universal Autofill and can be accessed using ⌘\.

Watchtower Dashboard

The new Watchtower Dashboard shows a score based on the password strength and informs users regarding which items they should update. The app uses on-device learning to review the passwords so that any information regarding vulnerable passwords never leaves the device.

The Dashboard provides a Security Score to show users how secure their passwords are and provides recommendations on any websites that may have been compromised and suggests users to change their passwords accordingly.

1Password 8 Watchtower Dashboard

The update is available for free for existing users. The 1-click installer for 1Password 8 can be downloaded from the official website here. All existing information from 1Password 7 will be automatically migrated to the new version.

Note that 1Password 8 for iOS is currently in beta testing and will be released later this year.

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