iPhone Calendar app missing 2022 holidays in the UK, Australia, and other countries

There is an ongoing issue with Apple’s iOS Calendar app that is causing 2022 holidays to not appear in several countries. Users in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark are not seeing holidays for their country show up in the app. Apple appears to be in the process of fixing the issue.

 Calendar app missing 2022 holidays

Apple working on a fix for missing 2022 holidays in iOS Calendar app

As reported by MacRumors, after it was discovered that public holidays were missing from devices in the United Kingdom, many users around the globe reported that the issue is much more widespread. Users in Australia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark are not seeing 2022 holidays in the Calendar app.

According to the report, users from those countries began noticing the missing holidays back in the middle of 2021. At the time, they expected that Apple would fix it or the issue would resolve itself when we entered 2022. Unfortunately, neither happened and the holidays were still missing.

It appears that the issue could be limited to iPhones running Apple’s latest operating systems as users in those countries who are running an older version of iOS are not facing the same problem.

Since the missing 2022 holidays issue seems to be impacting a larger number of users, Apple is working on a solution. While the company would usually address a bug like this in a future software update, affected users are reporting that the missing holidays are starting to show up in the Calendar app.

If you are an iOS user in the United Kingdom and you do not feel like waiting around for Apple to fix the issue, you can download a list of public UK holidays in a format your device can use (ICS). Similar solutions may be available in affected countries so be sure to check in with local sources.

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