Auto experts create 3-D futuristic model of Apple Car with all glass top, Siri support and more

Auto experts at Vanarama have created a 3-D model of an Apple Car with a futuristic design. The concept of the Apple Car is based on the EV’s details described in patents granted to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The model EV has Apple logo branding on the wheels, seats, on the front mesh, it has an all-glass top, and much more. 

Apple Car

Rumor mills claim that the Cupertino tech giant has resumed Project Titan to build its autonomous passenger electric vehicle and filed patents substantial those claims and provide details like an anti-glare windscreen to actively block bright lights from disrupting the driver’s view, external LED-display system to alert other drivers of the car’s actions, AR display, and more. 

Based on Apple’s patents, concept Apple Car will come with a virtual dashboard and more 

Vanarama’s interactive and immersive 3-D model can be rotated 360º to get a look at the concept car from all angles. The model also features a view of the interior. As per the design, Apple EV will be suitable for four passengers with Ferrari-like individual seats. The exterior is all-white like Apple’s most products with pointy streamline design with thin-rim tires. 

Assuming that the batteries are lined under the vehicle, the EV will offer a lot of baggage space in the front and back. 

Apple Car

More interestingly, the interior has a full LED display which appears to be a touch screen and the Siri can be activated from the steering. 

Apple Car

The concept design of the alleged Apple Car is refreshing but it might not be anything close to what Apple will adopt. Although the design details are dubious, it is certain that Apple will power its EV with a revolutionary battery that will deliver a longer range with incredible power efficiency. 

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