M2 iPad Air review round-up: A larger canvas for your creativity

The latest iPad Air refresh from Apple has caught the attention of tech reviewers for a good reason. The M2 iPad Air offers a large 13-inch display at a more affordable price compared to the iPad Pro. Let’s take a closer look to see if the M2 iPad Air is the right choice for you.

M2 iPad Air features

Impressive display for enhanced productivity

The standout feature of the M2 iPad Air is its 13-inch display, a significant upgrade from the previous 11-inch screen. This makes the Air more appealing for multitasking, creative work, and entertainment.

Reviewers at MacRumors praised the larger size, noting that it feels more immersive for tasks like editing photos and videos or watching movies.

Strong performance at a reasonable price

The M2 chip ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks, browsing, and demanding creative applications. Whether you’re a student taking notes, a designer working on illustrations, or a gamer, the M2 iPad Air should handle it with ease.

Additionally, the price is a key selling point, as it is significantly cheaper than the iPad Pro with a similar screen size.

M2 iPad Air chip

Not quite a pro-level display

One trade-off of choosing the Air over the Pro is the display technology. The M2 iPad Air uses an LCD panel, which is not as vibrant in terms of colors and blacks as the iPad Pro’s superior OLED screen. It also lacks the high refresh rate (ProMotion) found on the Pro, which can affect the smoothness of scrolling.

Other considerations

The 13-inch size does come with a slight weight increase compared to the iPad Pro. While still portable, it might not be the most comfortable for extended use in tablet mode. Additionally, the M2 iPad Air only supports the new Apple Pencil (2nd generation), so keep that in mind if you already own the older Pencil.

The verdict

The M2 iPad Air isn’t perfect, but it offers a compelling option for many users. The larger display provides a significant upgrade for productivity and entertainment, while the M2 chip ensures smooth performance. The price tag makes it a more accessible option compared to the iPad Pro. While the display technology isn’t on par with the Pro, most users will find the LCD panel adequate for everyday use.

Ultimately, the M2 iPad Air is a great choice for users who prioritize a large screen and affordability over the absolute best display specs. If you’re a student, creative professional, or anyone in need of a powerful and immersive tablet experience, the M2 iPad Air is definitely worth considering.

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