7 Copies of Windows 7 are Sold Every Second

Paul Thurrott has dugg up some interesting statistics regarding the sale and success of the number of copies Windows 7 has sold so far. Most of the following statistics have are by VP and CFO Tami Reller at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

7 Copies of Windows 7 are Sold Every Second

According to Merrill, Microsoft sold over 100 million Windows 7 licenses in the first 6 months after release in October last year. This trashes the ‘sales records’ that Apple had claimed with Snow Leopard. Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system ever. Microsoft says that it has sold 7 copies of Windows 7 per second in its first 6 months in the market after release. This is astounding. Most people would owe these numbers to the licenses that are tied with new PCs, but even then, this is amazing when you look at the fact that Apple had the best quarter in sales last year. Maybe people buying Macs got a Windows 7 copy each too?

Net Applications reports that 12 percent of PCs in the world now run Windows 7. Paul says this amounts to 3 times the market share of OS X. Windows 7 doesn’t just beat Snow Leopard here, it beats each version of OS X being used out there, combined.

Even businesses are looking to move to Windows 7, more so than they were with Vista.

According to Microsoft, businesses are starting to get moving on their Windows 7 deployment plans. This has resulted in a 14 percent increase in sales for business PCs. It’s not clear what the time period for this increase is, or where the data comes from. I do know from my own discussions with PC makers and major Microsoft customers that businesses, in general, are far more enthusiastic about Windows 7 than they were about Vista and appear to be actively preparing deployments. However, these companies move slowly even when they are moving. This is space to watch.

Honestly, Microsoft doesn’t get enough credit for the success of Windows 7. It has been a huge success ever since release, and Apple or Linux still haven’t been able to compete with it. This proves that, even with all the cloud computing talk, Windows is here to stay for a long time.

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  2. MS does not sell to customers… MS does sell to manufacturers. What if customers could freely choose? What if applications were mostly platform-independent???

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