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The latest iPhone 14 series features a new Action mode to record stable videos that adjust to motion, shakes, and vibrations when running, swimming, hiking, jogging, and other shaky activities.

As the iPhone 14 lineup is already equipped with sensor-shift optical image stabilization, the Action mode is an additional feature to make videos “incredibly smooth-looking” when recorded in the middle of the action.

Reviewers at CNET put the feature to the test and found that for non-professional users, “Action mode on the iPhone 14 lineup stabilizes the footage and could replace the need for an action camera.” Here are the test results in detail of videos with Action mode on and off and side-by-side with GoPro Hero 11 footage.

Action mode

Up against GoPro Hero 11, the iPhone 14’s Action mode delivers nearly the same stabilization

Running around in Central Park, NY, the reviewers found that the difference in stabilization with Action mode on and off was “glaringly noticeable”. The feature stabilizes footsteps when running and shakes when jumping.

In comparison to GoPro Hero 11, the Action mode on iPhone 14 delivers nearly similar stabilization. However, GoPro Hero 11 performed better with more intense action.

Having said that, a major downside of the feature is that it requires a lot of light to record, and in low light conditions, a “more light required” alert appears on the screen. And if the feature is set to record in low light that reduces stabilization. So, it is not suitable for indoor video recording.

The verdict is that Action mode on iPhone 14 could replace an action camera for the majority of users, excluding professionals, of course.

For many people, the iPhone 14’s Action mode will be more than enough for shooting fun action sequences to share on social media or for passion projects. But for those who participate in extreme sports, Action mode may not suffice. 

I’m excited to see what people create with Action mode and share on social media like TikTok and Instagram. I can see this feature being used to shoot some cool music videos and action sequences. In fact, we shot our own action scene in the video at the top of the article. Make sure you check it out.

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