AltStore coming to iPhones with Patreon-backed apps

Apple’s recent changes due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU allow alternative app stores like AltStore to operate. This means iPhone users in the EU will have a choice beyond the official App Store.

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AltStore: The rise of alternative app stores in the EU

The catalyst for this change is a new law in the EU that mandates Apple to loosen its control over app distribution. This paves the way for alternative app stores to emerge and offer iPhone users a wider range of options. AltStore is one of the first movers in this exciting space, and it’s bringing a unique twist to the table: Patreon integration.


Traditionally, app developers on the App Store have relied on in-app purchases and ad revenue to generate income. These methods often restrict creativity and can be challenging to navigate.

AltStore throws this model out the window and embraces Patreon, a platform where users can directly support creators through monthly subscriptions. This opens up a plethora of benefits for both developers and users:

For Developers:

  • Patreon grants developers the freedom to offer tiered subscriptions. Imagine a scenario where a developer offers a basic version of their app for free, while premium features like advanced functionality, early access to new content, or exclusive developer insights are unlocked through higher subscription tiers.
  • Patreon also allows developers to control the number of subscribers, which helps them sidestep Apple’s regulations around controlling app availability. This empowers developers to experiment with innovative ideas and cater to niche audiences without worrying about App Store restrictions.

For Users:

  • Gone are the days of feeling like a faceless entity in a vast app marketplace. With AltStore and Patreon, you gain a more direct and personal way to support the developers you value.
  • Your monthly pledges not only contribute to the ongoing development of the app but also unlock exclusive features and content, fostering a deeper connection with the creator.

Beyond monetization

The impact of AltStore extends beyond just a new monetization model. It represents a shift in the app discovery landscape for iPhone users in the EU. Apple’s App Store, while vast, may not always showcase apps that push boundaries or cater to specific interests.

AltStore, on the other hand, has the potential to become a haven for innovative apps, emulators for retro gaming enthusiasts, or tools that offer functionalities currently restricted by Apple’s guidelines. This fosters a more diverse app ecosystem, catering to a wider range of user needs and preferences.

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