Android trolled Apple iMessage using Drake’s new song “Texts Go Green”

Popular rapper, Drake released a new song “Texts Go Green” from his latest album “Honestly, Nevermind” and Google Android used the track to troll Apple iMessage.

In a sarcastic “lyric explainer video” uploaded on the Android official Twitter account, Google explains that the “Texts Go Green” scenario in Drake’s new song refers to green chat bubbles appearing on iPhone Messages app when the sender and receiver are not on the same platform, or contact is blocked. In opposed to a conversation on iMessage with blue chat bubbles between two iPhone users.

And Google believes it is a problem that only Apple engineers can fix by adopting the RCS standard.

Apple iMessage

Android urged Apple to adopt the RCS standard for iMessage by using a song about ending a toxic relationship

The Rich Communication Services (RCS) is messaging standard which would make text message services with rich features available across platforms. The standard enables iOS and Android users to exchange audio, video, group chats, the ‘Read’ receipts, and other features available on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Google offers RCS chat to Android users worldwide and for years now, has been pressuring Apple to adopt it too. Firstly, Google executive Hiroshi Lockheimer called Apple iMessage a “lock-in” architecture that uses “peer pressure and bullying” for consumers to buy its products.

Later to persuade Apple more politely, Lockheimer explained that SMS is a very important mode of communication and people should be able to send text messages without worrying about which app they are using.

Apple iMessage app

Now, Google has reverted to its offensive strategy to push the adoption of the RCS standard by the Cupertino tech giant but using a song that is about getting out of a toxic relationship. And that has me confused? The chorus of  Drake’s “Texts Go Green” song reads:

Texts go green, it hits a little different, don’t it?
Know you missed the days when I was grippin’ on it
Know you’re in a house tonight just thinkin’ on it
I moved on so long ago

You’re still thinking ’bout me, though, oh
I’m still tryna make sensе of it all
You’re still saying things to keep me involved

Apple recently adopted the Matter standard for the new Home app on iOS 16 to offer users a wider range of smart home appliances and accessories. Maybe, Google thought it could use to opportunity to pressurize Apple into adopting the RCS standard in iMessage.

However, who at Android interpreted the “texts going green” situation in the song as referring to a locked-in situation, is anyone’s guess because the song is representing it as a way to escape a non-compatible partner. So I believe, Andoird failed to create an impact with this distasteful mocking attempt. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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