Apollo Reddit app gets holiday update with text rendering improvements, new icons, and more

Apollo Reddit app has received a new holiday update with text rendering improvements, new icons, performance improvements, VoiceOver support, new themes, and much more. Apollo is one of the best apps for Reddit on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it is good to see the developer closing out the year with such a huge update.

Apollo Reddit app

Apollo 1.12 update

This update touches nearly every aspect of Apollo including themes, icons, Markdown text renderer, link previews, and much more. The update also fixes a number of bugs that have been reported by the community.

Here are the complete release notes for Apollo 1.12:

  • Added three awesome new icons! First, you’ve been visited by Santapollo, created by the perpetually ingenious Matthew Skiles and depicts our jolly Father Christmas as if he was the Apollo mascot. Second, we have Broby, a beautifully hand made depiction of our Apollo mascot made by u/burkybang‚Äôs 5 year old son. Yes three, icons!
  • New Markdown renderer using Apple’s new efficient library. Loads comments even faster, and brings benefits like inline table rendering (finally!), syntax highlighted code blocks, better list rendering, and more!
  • Improved SidebarViewController to use the new renderer as well, so sidebars load richer with tables inline, links open in Apollo, etc.
  • Improved the viewing of random subreddits with r/random in Apollo. Now it loads even faster, and you can simply pull down to refresh and it’ll load you a new subreddit each time, even remembering which sort you had set
  • If you long-press on a link the context menu will now have a quick Open in Browser option
  • Added inline Wikipedia previews to comments, including a thumbnail and brief article preview, so you can get a gist of what the article is about without having to summon one of the wiki bots.
  • Added Dracula theme
  • Added Mint theme
  • Fixed bug where on some iPads in comments for a post with a GIF they would lag badly when scrolling, update iOS to make doubly sure though
  • Fixed bug where some linked posts in Apollo would just try to load the Reddit homepage because they had weird symbols in their URLs
  • You can now zoom in further on images, even if low res
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the media viewer could think you were zoomed in a hair and be hard to swipe to dismiss
  • If you compose a comment and type an author, it’ll now offer to autocomplete the actual post’s author as well.
  • You can now easily add subreddits to a specific multireddit directly from your list of subreddits
  • Polls are now properly accessible to VoiceOver
  • You can now scrub YouTube videos to go forward and backward in time easily if you have Apollo Pro
  • If Apollo shows a tweet and the user is verified, there will be a little checkmark icon now
  • Option to hide the subreddit when choosing Share as Image
  • Fixed bug where when Sharing as Image the comments could appear out of order
  • Removed legacy modmail option as Reddit no longer supports
  • Added accessibility labels to all app icons and themes, so now if you’re curious what an app icon or theme looks like and are using VoiceOver, it will describe it to you
  • Fixed bug where YouTube player wouldn’t work well with Low Power Mode
  • New Chumbus content
  • Command/Control-F style “Find in Comments” search now also searches the post’s text as well if present
  • Fixed issue where if a gallery/album’s first item liked to a YouTube video it would try to open that
  • Improved “Select Text Mode”
  • Fixed issue where sometimes albums could be hard to scroll between
  • Updated Gfycat API
  • Fixed a potential crash when running on Apple silicon Macs
  • Added a Doomscroll Defeater™ which if turned on will disable infinite scrolling and allow you to choose to load the next page each time (in Settings it’s just called “Infinite Scrolling” on/off)
  • Properly matches Reddit’s recent changes to collapsing blocked users
  • Improved comment composer preview
  • Mods can comment on locked posts now
  • Fixed a GIF download crash
  • If a comment is collapsed, the username and score is now untappable so you don’t tap accidentally
  • Added a better indicator if you manage to reach the end of a subreddit’s available posts
  • Crossposts now match the subreddit they’re posted to’s content settings

Apollo is available for free from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. A Pro upgrade costs $4.99, while an Ultra subscription costs $1 per month.  

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