Here’s how you can support Apollo amidst Reddit’s API fee controversy

In a recent development reminiscent of the fate of third-party Twitter clients, the Reddit community is witnessing the forced shutdown of popular third-party Reddit clients, including the renowned Apollo app.

The catalyst behind this unfortunate turn of events is Reddit’s decision to impose substantial fees on its main API, which provides access to the platform’s data. This decision has left developers like Christian Selig, the creator of Apollo, facing significant financial challenges.

Reddit Apollo

Refusing refunds for Apollo can help sustain third-party Reddit app developers

A vast number of Apollo users have subscribed to the app’s services, and with the impending shutdown, their subscriptions will be automatically refunded on a prorated basis after July 1. However, this places a considerable burden on developers like Selig, who estimates that these refunds could cost him approximately $250,000.

To alleviate this financial strain, users are encouraged to decline the refund, enabling their subscription fees to directly contribute to supporting the developers who have dedicated their time and effort to delivering exceptional user experiences. Declining the refund requires users to reinstall the Apollo app, while users of other third-party Reddit clients should also review their refund options as all clients will be affected.

Christian Selig’s Apollo app has gained recognition for its remarkable features and meticulous design. Notably, the app offers a wide range of icon options, curated by commissioned artists, setting it apart from its competitors. As a farewell gesture, Selig has organized the “Goodbye Apollo Wallpaper Set.”

Goodbye Apollo

Users can unlock this collection of over 20 stunning wallpapers by making an in-app donation. The proceeds from these donations will help Selig cover the costs incurred from the refunds. Supporting this initiative not only preserves the memory of Apollo but also demonstrates gratitude and solidarity towards the developers who have strived to provide an exceptional Reddit experience.

The unfortunate series of events leading to the shutdown of Apollo and other third-party Reddit clients could have been avoided. The decisions made by corporate entities driven solely by financial motives have failed to consider a middle ground for monetization, treating these private entities as threats rather than potential collaborators. The consequences of such actions extend beyond financial losses, impacting the vibrant communities built around these apps. As users, it is crucial to unite and provide support to these developers during these challenging times.

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