Apple’s next-gen CarPlay partners with Porsche and Aston Martin for 2024 debut

Apple has fulfilled its promise to revolutionize the driving experience with the next generation of CarPlay, set to debut in high-end performance vehicles in 2024. Teaming up with renowned automakers Porsche and Aston Martin, the tech giant aims to deliver a seamlessly integrated and highly personalized in-car interface.


Next-gen CarPlay blends iPhone apps with driving metrics and unifies in-car infotainment across all screens

Apple’s next-generation CarPlay promises to redefine in-car infotainment by providing a unified experience across all screens, including the instrument cluster. This cohesive design, announced during WWDC 2022, integrates seamlessly with a variety of vehicle functions, such as radio controls, temperature settings, and more.

Brand-specific customizations

The collaboration with Porsche and Aston Martin exemplifies Apple’s commitment to tailoring the CarPlay experience to each automaker’s brand identity. The interface for Porsche, known for its sports car heritage, features circular gauges inspired by the brand’s iconic three-dial layout, with a wallpaper mirroring Porsche’s distinct houndstooth seat pattern.

Aston Martin

On the other hand, Aston Martin’s CarPlay interface boasts a minimalist design with a circular speedometer and tachometer, accented in British racing green and displaying “Handbuilt in Great Britain” wraparound text.


Driving-specific and app integration

The next-gen CarPlay retains its reliance on an iPhone for app-related information, but the vehicle itself handles driving-specific data. This approach ensures a seamless interaction between the car’s advanced capabilities and the iPhone’s features. Apple emphasizes that the connected iPhone will not store or track vehicle-specific information.

Porsche’s next-gen CarPlay interface

Porsche’s Vice President of Style, Michael Mauer, highlighted the company’s commitment to a “sporty driving experience.” The CarPlay interface for Porsche integrates the distinctive three-dial layout, paying homage to the brand’s history. Circular graphics echo the traditional gauges found in Porsche cars, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly design.

We have long been committed to providing Porsche owners with the brand and sporty driving experience synonymous with the Porsche. In addition to the sports car itself, digital offerings that are perfectly tailored to our customers are becoming increasingly important to the overall driving experience.

CarPlay Porsche

Aston Martin’s next-gen CarPlay interface

Marco Mattiacci, Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer at Aston Martin expressed the brand’s dedication to excellence and performance. Aston Martin’s CarPlay customization features a two-dial system, aligning with the company’s minimalist design philosophy. The controls are accented with British racing green, creating a visually stunning and intuitive interface.

At Aston Martin we strive for excellence and performance and this was the key reason we chose to partner with Apple on the next generation of CarPlay. The integration of the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with a bespoke intuitive interface is paramount to creating the ultimate Aston Martin customer experience.

CarPlay Aston Martin


Aston Martin has confirmed that its vehicles with next-generation CarPlay will debut in 2024, with the DB12 coupe and Volante convertible among the first to feature the advanced infotainment system. While not providing a specific timeframe, Porsche assures that the next-gen CarPlay will go one level further with the launch of its all-electric Macan, with more details expected in the coming year.

(via Car and Driver)

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