Apple might release 2025 MacBook Pro with touch screen support

According to the latest industry reports, major upgrades are coming to the 2025 MacBook Pro. Bloomberg claims that Apple finally is working on adding touch-screen support to its computers and the tech is first expected to launch in the high-end MacBook Pro in 2025.

Apple's MacBook Pro

Although most of Apple’s competitors HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, and others offer computers with touchscreen support, it has been the lone handout. Historically, the tech giant has been against tech combining tablets and laptops like touch screens. 

Calling it “ergonomically terrible”, the company’s late founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs said that computers with touchscreen won’t work because, after an extended period of time, users’ arms would want to fall off. In 2012, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said that Microsft “blending tablets and laptops was equivalent to combining a toaster with a refrigerator.”

2025 MacBook Pro with a touchscreen will also feature a trackpad and keyboard

For years, Windows PC manufacturers have targeted Apple for not supporting touch screens in its Mac computers and some of its customers have also been requesting touch Macs. And that might change in 2025.

People familiar with the efforts told Bloomberg that the company’s engineers were “actively engage” in developing touch screen support for high-end laptop launching in 2025. The new laptop will support touch input and gestures like on iPhone and iPad but will retain the traditional design featuring a trackpad and keyboard. 

MacBook pro - M2 Max chip

Furthermore, the first touch-screen Macs are likely to use macOS because the company is not working on combining iPadOS and macOS. 

Previously, it was heavily reported that Apple was working on a larger 20-inch foldable MacBook Pro as a MacBook and iPad hybrid with touch screen keyboard.

It is speculated that the new touchscreen support would likely turn Macs into “a bigger money market than iPad” which had been a reason for the delay in the feature’s launch.

For more than a decade, the company has argued that touch screens don’t work well on laptops and that the iPad is a better option if someone wants a touch interface. Apple also has worried that touch- screen Macs could cannibalize iPad sales.

But rivals have increasingly added touch screens to computers, putting pressure on Apple to do the same. A Mac resurgence in recent years also has made the business a bigger moneymaker than the iPad — and the company wants to keep its computer lineup as compelling as possible.

Another major change expected in the future MacBook Pro is a new OLED display to deliver improved brightness and power efficiency.

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