Apple captured 53% of US smartphone market in H1 2021

Counterpoint Research’s latest study found that the U.S. smartphone market grew by a 27% YoY increase in H1 2021 and Apple captured 53% of the share. In spite of the prevailing global chip shortage, the impressive growth is accredited to carriers pushing 5G upgrades and heavily discounting 5G smartphones. In addition, low-mid range smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus profited from capturing LG’s market share.

Apple - iPhone 12 5G

Like Apple, OnePlus strong supply chain helped it capture the biggest share of LG’s market

U.S. Research Director Jeff Fieldhack explained that LG and VinSmart’s exit from the mobile industry and high demand for affordable 5G smartphones gave an opportunity to OEM’s like OnePlus, Motorola, and Nokia HMD to successfully expand their market share. With 428% growth, OnePlus became the fastest OEM to grow in h1 2021. US Research Director Jeff Fieldhack said:

“The A32 5G was a big hit in T-Mobile’s ‘5G for All’ campaign. Because of supply problems or by design, T-Mobile has changed the high-volume 5G switcher device to the OnePlus N200. This device is one of the most affordable 5G devices in the market at the moment. These large volumes are helping OnePlus grow its installed base and become an early winner in filling the void left by LG.”

Apple U.S. market

Furthermore, the report details that Apple’s inventory was a major factor in successfully capturing an impressive share of the mobile market in U.S. Senior Analyst Hanish Bhatia said:

 “The current global component shortage has tightened the inventory situation in the US market. However, it seems that global OEMs are prioritizing the US market over other regions. Samsung has shifted its focus to premium devices over the mid-range A series on the supply side. Apple’s supply chain remains the most resilient.

It had a relatively healthy inventory in much of the first half of 2021. Component shortages are resulting in OEMs falling short in meeting carrier demands for specific smartphone models, while also forcing some to prioritize certain models over others. If this continues, it may put a big constraint on the supply side in H2 2021.”

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