Apple sued over 9 mini-LED patents infringement in Taiwan

New Century Optoelectronics has sued Apple over infringement of 9 LED patents in the iPad Pro series. According to the filing in the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court of Taiwan, China, Apple infringed LED patents including LED flip-chip packaging, white light chip-scale packaging, Mini LED packaging, and Mini LED backlight modules.

apple - M1 iPad Pro

For the first time, Apple introduced a mini-LED display in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2021 which is powered by an M1 chip and features 5G network support, an all-new 12MP Ultra Wide front camera which offers a Center Stage experience for video calls, Thunderbolt, and USB 4 support with 4x better bandwidth for wired connections and much more. 

Apple might have to pay over $7 million for patent infringement in the iPad Pro series 

Established in 2002, New Century Optoelectronics has developed GaN semiconductor technology and integration capabilities, including epitaxy, flip chip, chip size packaging (CSP), mini LED, micro-LED, and automotive lighting over 20 years. And now it is claiming over $7 million for the use of its technology. IT reports:

LED packaging factory New Century Optoelectronics issued an announcement today stating that the company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court of Taiwan, China, requesting Apple to stop the infringement and compensate NT$210 million (approximately NT$48.09 million) RMB) .

apple - iPad Pro

Mini-LED panels are better than LCD panels because they use diodes smaller than 0.2mm to offer higher brightness and deeper contrasts. The display tech enables HDR through local dimming, offers better power efficiency, and reduces burn-out risks. For those factors, Apple has introduced the mini-LED display tech in 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, along with 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Reportedly, the tech giant will introduce the advanced display tech in 11-inch iPad Pro and iMac Pro in 2022.

Unhappy about companies using the technology, it developed, without paying royalties, Chen Cheng-Chuan, Chief Executive Officer of New Century Optoelectronics, said:

“For manufacturers in the market that are copying and investing a large amount of capital, if they selectively ignore intellectual property rights in order to obtain profits, they will hurt innovative companies and stifle their commitment to innovation. Of small businesses have the resources to continuously invest in innovation .”

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