Images of Apple’s alleged AirPods diagnosis tool leaked online

Apple has reportedly started to roll out a tool to Apple service providers that can perform an initial test on AirPods before being fully serviced. The alleged tool can determine whether the earbuds’ loss of sound quality is a genuine fault or caused by dirt buildup.

A common problem encountered by owners of wireless Bluetooth earbuds is the degradation of sound quality or volume over time. While it is possible that the hardware of the product has developed a fault, there’s also the chance that the earphones could be affected by dirt blocking the airway, which can be identified by the use of a simple new tool.

With the help of the new service tool, it seems that the Cupertino tech giant wants to accurately diagnose the cause of a fault to save time spent and effort.

AirPods diagnostic tool

Apple’s alleged AirPods diagnosis tool leaked

In a tweet by reputable leaker @choco_bit on Twitter, the Cupertino tech giant is said to be providing a new audio testing tool for AirPods that will quickly determine whether the issue is related to accumulated first in the audio accessories or is a technical fault.

The testing tool is shaped like a black box with iPhone-shaped cutting and two holders for AirPods at the bottom. An iPhone is placed on the tray, which can run an app to determine if AirPods are genuinely damaged or simply malfunctioning due to dirt build-up. The tool tests first and second-generation AirPods by directing them at an iPhone’s microphone.

Towards the base of the tray is a section positioned near where the microphone of the iPhone is located, designed to seat the AirPods in a specific way, pointing the speakers at the microphone. A test sound is played through the AirPods and is picked up by the nearby iPhone microphone, which can then determine the likely cause of sound problems.

iPhone AirPods testing tool

As reported, the diagnosis functions similarly to the “existing ‌iPhone‌ Audio test in principle.” It does not appear to be compatible with AirPods Pro, however, it is possible for the company to develop a different holder for ‌AirPods Pro‌ to connect to the ‌iPhone‌ tray in the future.


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