Apple loses bid to dismiss AirTag stalking lawsuit, raising privacy concerns

In recent news, Apple faced a setback as it lost a bid to dismiss a lawsuit related to its popular AirTag devices. The lawsuit alleges that AirTags can be misused by stalkers to track individuals without their consent, leading to concerns about safety and privacy.


Can AirTags be weapons? A lawsuit examines Apple’s responsibility

The class-action lawsuit against Apple revolves around claims of negligence and product liability concerning AirTags’ potential misuse for stalking purposes. Despite Apple’s assertions of implementing industry-first safety measures, the court ruled that the plaintiffs had valid claims regarding the inadequacy of the tracker’s safety features in preventing misuse.

US District Judge Vince Chhabria’s ruling highlighted that while Apple had introduced safety features like alerts for potential tracking, the plaintiffs deemed these measures insufficient. The lawsuit emphasizes that AirTags, with their affordable price point and tracking capabilities, have become a tool of choice for stalkers and abusers, raising significant concerns about user safety.

About three dozen women and men who filed the suit alleged that Apple was warned of the risks posed by its AirTags and argued the company could be legally blamed under California law when the tracking devices are used for misconduct.

In the three claims that survived, the plaintiffs “allege that, when they were stalked, the problems with the AirTag’s safety features were substantial, and that those safety defects caused their injuries,” Chhabria wrote.


Apple has defended its position, stating that it condemns any misuse of its products and has actively collaborated with law enforcement to address such issues. The company has also updated AirTag features, including enhanced tracking alerts and notifications, to mitigate potential misuse.

Plaintiffs’ lawsuit is a misplaced effort to hold Apple legally responsible for third parties’ intentional misuse of its AirTag product to track Plaintiffs or their family members without their consent. Apple condemns in the strongest possible way any misuse of its products and willingly assists law enforcement in investigations into complaints of unwanted tracking.

However, the lawsuit underscores broader questions about tech companies’ responsibilities regarding product safety and user privacy. It also highlights similar concerns with other tracking devices, such as Tile Inc.’s products.


For consumers, the AirTag lawsuit serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding the capabilities and potential risks associated with tracking devices. Apple’s ongoing efforts to improve safety features reflect a broader industry trend toward addressing privacy and security concerns in tech products.

Looking ahead, collaborations between tech giants like Apple and Google on developing industry standards for tracking device usage may lead to more robust safeguards against misuse and unauthorized tracking activities.

(via Bloomberg)

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