Apple to host its 2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting virtually on March 10

A new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing shows that Apple’s 2023 annual shareholders meeting will be held virtually on March 10 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time.  


Proposals up for voting at Appleā€™s upcoming shareholder’s meeting

In late 2022, Apple’s activist shareholders filed three proposals at the SEC for voting on the company’s policies on unionization, remote work, and human rights. It was reported that the tech company was not going to contain the union petition but was going to challenge proposals on demanding access to its remote work policy and creation of a phase-out transition plan to cease working with suppliers who are involved in forced labor from the Uyghur region.

After deliberation, SEC has approved the following proposal to be presented for voting at 2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting:

  • Civil rights and non-discrimination audit
  • Communist China audit
  • Board policy
  • Racial and gender pay gaps
  • Shareholders’ proxy access amendments

Apple Park

The company’s board has voted against all the shareholder proposals because it believes that Civil rights and non-discrimination audit is discriminatory to Apple’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and would be “redundant and unnecessary”, the board is “actively engaged” in oversight of risks related to business in China, the current Board policy effectively engages shareholders in discussions, the company has already achieved pay equity and shareholders’ feedback in 2022 did not demand changes in the company’s existing proxy access provisions. 

Shareholders can attend, vote, and submit questions during the upcoming Annual Meeting at and log in by entering the control number included in their notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials, voting instruction form, or proxy card.

They can also submit questions in advance at before 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time on March 9 through their control number.

Your vote is important to us. Even if you plan on attending the Annual Meeting, we encourage you to vote your shares in advance to ensure that your vote will be represented at the Annual Meerting.

Recently, Financial Times reported that investors got Apple to agree to provide reasons for app removals in its next report at its annual meeting in 2022.

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