Apple making significant headway on AR/VR headset, tester claims to be “blown away”

Apple is set to unveil its mixed reality headset at WWDC in June, marking its first major new product category since the Apple Watch was released in 2015. Rumors about the device have been circulating for years, but recent reports suggest that Apple has made significant headway on both the hardware and software and a source who has tried the device claims to be “blown away.”

Apple mixed reality headset
Ahmed Chenni,

Apple’s Reality Pro headset shaping up to be an exciting new era of digital experience

Evan Blass, a prominent and reliable source of leaks on Apple and other companies, shared the tidbit on Twitter. According to Blass, his source had “several opportunities to demo” the headset and went from being initially underwhelmed to “blown away” by the experience. The source also commented on the giant leap that Apple has made since late last year.

A person I know who’s had several opportunities to demo the upcoming first-gen Apple XR, has gone from lamenting its “underwhelming” capabilities to being “blown away” by the experience that the latest hardware/firmware delivers.

While some remain skeptical of the Reality Pro headset, others are excited to see what Apple can do in the realm of virtual reality content, such as concerts and other live events, as well as movies and TV shows. Bloomberg has described a few potentially compelling features that Apple has planned for the headset, including eye-tracking technology, high-resolution displays, and a lightweight design.

Apple mixed reality headset

One potential hurdle for the headset is its expected high price point, which could limit its appeal to a niche market. However, Apple has a track record of successfully marketing high-end products to consumers, and the popularity of virtual and augmented reality technology has been steadily growing in recent years.

Another potential challenge for the headset is the competition. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and HTC have already released mixed reality headsets, and others are expected to follow suit in the coming years. However, Apple’s reputation for sleek design and user-friendly interfaces could give it an edge in the market.

Overall, the mixed reality headset market is still in its early stages, and it remains to be seen whether Apple’s headset will be a hit or a miss. However, the anticipation surrounding the device is high, and many are eager to see what Apple has been working on for years. WWDC in June will be a crucial moment for the company, and tech enthusiasts around the world will be watching closely to see what they unveil.

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