Apple Arcade game releases on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV [New: 4 games debuting in September]

Apple has announced four exciting new games coming to Apple Arcade in September at the Wonderlust event including Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, and more.

Apple Arcade over a growing library of more than 200 games for a $4.99 monthly subscription fee. Subscribers can enjoy classic as well as contemporary games with no in-app purchases and ads on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade

Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, Junkworld, and more coming to Apple Arcade in Septmeber 2023

It is going to be a fun-packed September for Apple Arcade subscribers. Four new games will be available on the service for users to enjoy across Apple devices including Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, Junkworld, and My Talking Angela 2+.

Here is a brief description of the new releases. 

  1. My Talking Angela 2+ by Outfit7 Limited, the creators of the popular Talking Tom and Friends game launched on the service on September 8. Players get to enjoy styling sessions with the fashionable cat, Angela, and also help her practice dance moves, bake, sing songs, and more.Apple Arcade
  2. Japanese Rural Life Adventure by GAME START LLC will be released on September 15. It is a life simulation game that gives players the chance to experience the changing seasons of Japan as they cook, farm, explore, and more. They also get to enjoy festivals like Tsukimi, Ōmisoka and Hatsumōde. Apple Arcade
  3. Junkworld by Ironhide S.A. will launch on September 22. The game will challenge players’ tactical skills as they command the Scanverge clan, deploy towers, train heroes, and use special units and gadgets to survive the mayhem of post-apocalyptic tactical battles.Apple Arcade
  4. Last but not least, Cypher 007 by Tilting Point LLC will debut on September 29. This is an action-adventure game that will take players into the world of 007 agents filled with schemes and espionage. They will have to gather intel and complete missions to bring down Blofeld and Spectre. Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade August madness brings finity, Nekograms+, Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go and more

Starting on August 8, Apple Arcade is bringing new experiences to subscribers to enjoy action, puzzle-solving, and Kingdom-building games. 

Apple Arcade - August

  1. ‘Nekograms+’ by Hungry Sky released on August 8 offers adorable cat puzzles. Players need to find the perfect spot for each of their furry friends to get a good night’s rest. There are more than 15 different cat breeds, 120 engaging levels, and 3 “beautifully crafted” worlds to spend time with cute felines. Apple Arcade - August
  2. ‘Kingdoms: Merge & Build’ by Cherrypick Games will debut on August 18. It brings the story-rich adventure with a soothing puzzle game experience in which players will rebuild the land and save people after a mysterious power has destroyed the kingdom. Apple Arcade - August
  3. ‘finity’ by Seabaa, Inc. will release on August 25. It will bring a variety of thoughtful and handcrafted 2D games which combines the skill and complexity of chess, Tetris, and feedback of the match. Apple Arcade - August
  4. Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go by SEGA will launch on August 29. It is a revival of SEGA’s classic rhythm game series with modern gameplay. Players will get to shake maracas to the beat of more than 40 songs, with three songs exclusively available on Apple Arcade, to reclaim music.Apple Arcade - August

5 games coming to Apple Arcade in July: Stardew Valley+, Hello Kitty, LEGO Duplo World+, and more

  1. Slay the Spire+ will release on July 7 and offer the excitement of dynamic deck building with team-fused card games and roguelikes. Players will get to create a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, slay the Spire, and more.Apple Arcade
  2. Launching on July 7 as well, the Lego Duplo World+ is a great game for family nights. It offers a variety of fun Lego levels for players to embark on submarine adventures, drive construction vehicles, and much more enjoy with their family and friends. Apple Arcade
  3. Ridiculous Fishing EX is coming on July 14 to Apple Arcade and brings an unconventional fishing experience. Players will get to cast their line, reel in their catches, fling them and blast them down. Apple Arcade
  4. Stardew Valley+ is an enhanced version of Stardrew Valley that will offer the same immersive farming experience with over 50 hours of content and mobile-specific features like auto-save and multiple control options will further enhance gameplay. In Stardew Valley+ players will get to transform an abandoned plot of land into a thriving farm, tending to crops, and animals, engaging with the townspeople and various activities, including exploring caves, fighting monsters, participating in festivals, and even dating events. It will launch on July 21.Stardew Valley
  5. Debuting on July 28, Hello Kitty Island Adventure by Sunblink takes the players into the adorable world of super cute and friendly Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and other characters. In the open-world adventures of the Hello Kitty Island Adventure, players get to know the friendly creatures’ likes or dislikes to become their best friends, solve ancient puzzles, decorate cabins, and much more.Apple Arcade

Here are all the new games available on Apple Arcade in May 2023

  1. TMNT Splintered Fate by Paramount Global brings a new co-op rogue-like adventure where the brothers fend off enemy attacks while searching for clues across New York City to look for the missing Splinter.Apple Arcade
  2. Disney SpellStruck by Artist Arcade is an exhilarating word game with beloved Disney and Pixar characters to complete challenging crossword-style games. Apple Arcade
  3. WHAT THE CAR? by Triband is a hilarious and unconventional racing game with cars constantly changing features like legs, wings, and more. Apple Arcade
  4. Cityscapes: Sim Builder by Magic Fuel Games, veteran sim builders. Players have to build a sustainable classic city with throughout systems to ensure the residents’ safety and happiness.Apple Arcade
  5. Chess Universe+ by Tilting Point is a game for chess lovers to perfect their strategies in online and offline games.Apple Arcade
  6. Disney Coloring World+ by StoryToys offers a variety of paint brushes and tools for users to color their favorite Disney and Pixar characters.Apple Arcade
  7. Disney Getaway Blast+ by Gameloft is a match-three puzzle game featuring adorable and beloved Disney and Pixar characters.Apple Arcade
  8. Farming Simulator 20+ by GIANTS Software allows players to run a farm and learn all the tricks of the trait.Apple Arcade
  9. Getting Over It+ by Bennett Foddy is a challenging mountain climbing game for hikers. Players have to reach the top of the mountain with nothing but a stick.Apple Arcade
  10. Hill Climb Racing+ by Fingersoft offers a variety of uphill races for players to earn bonuses by completing daring challenges.Apple Arcade
  11. Iron Marines+ by Ironhide Game Studio brings a real-time strategy adventure in a futuristic world. Players get to train heroes in the galaxy and lead dangerous missions.Apple Arcade
  12. Kingdom Two Crowns+ by Raw Fury is a side-scrolling micro-strategy game that allows players to build their kingdoms mounted on their steeds. Apple Arcade
  13. Playdead’s LIMBO+ by Playdead brings an unconventional puzzle-solving experience with dark spaces, a haunting narrative, and immersive effects. Apple Arcade
  14. My Town Home – Family Games+ by My Town Games LTD is an engaging role-playing game that lets players enjoy various family activities like cooking, gardening, and others to create their own family life stories.Apple Arcade
  15. Octodad: Dadliest Catch+ by Young Horses boggles the mind with problem-solving challenges in which Octodad has to master mundane tasks while keeping his “cephalopodian nature a secret from his human family.”Apple Arcade
  16. PPKP+ by SHIMADA TOSHIHIRO is a classic combat game where players have to defeat the creatures of Monster Corps and protect and revive their city.Apple Arcade
  17. by Kooapps offers the classic snake game with a modern touch. With unique skins like a cat, rabbit, or puppy, players start with a small snake and get bigger by consuming pellets or other snakes. The bigger the better.Apple Arcade 
  18. Temple Run+ by Imangi Studios delivers the same exhilarating endless runner in 4K.Apple Arcade
  19. Time Locker+ by Sotaro Otsuka is a minimalist shooter game in which the speed of time is controlled by the speed of the player’s finger.Apple Arcade
  20. Very Little Nightmares+ by Bandai Namco Entertainment is a puzzle adventure game in which a cute little girl wearing a yellow raincoat finds a way out of a creepy house.
  21. Apple ArcadeHelp the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat survive in a hostile house and find a way to get her out. As she awakens in an unknown mansion, the player must guide her through each room. Navigate a vast maze filled with life-threatening traps, avoid enemies, and discover intriguing puzzles to finally pierce the secrets of this strange house.

All of the new Apple Arcade games are also available on App Store, so Apple users can enjoy them even without a subscription.

Apple Arcade adds Stardew Valley+, offering a stunning gaming experience

June 27, 2023: Stardew Valley is making its way to Apple Arcade in July. Stardew Valley+, an enhanced version of the game, will offer the same immersive farming experience with over 50 hours of content. Mobile-specific features like auto-save and multiple control options will further enhance gameplay.

While Stardew Valley is already available on iOS for $4.99, Apple Arcade subscribers will have access to the game at no additional cost. In Stardew Valley, players can transform an abandoned plot of land into a thriving farm, tending to crops, animals, and engaging with the townspeople. The game offers various activities, including exploring caves, fighting monsters, participating in festivals, and even dating events.

The Apple Arcade version includes all the recent updates and will be launching on July 21.

Stardew Valley

Perfect your skills to conquer any mountain with Grand Mountain Adventure+ on Apple Arcade

April 28, 2023: New “Grand Mountain Adventure+” by Toppluva AB for ski and snowboarding lovers. Get ready to take on challenges to master your jumps, turns, tricks, rails, and drops on a variety of exhilarating mountain adventures.

Grand Mountain Adventure+ offers 11 huge-open world mountains for players to explore with avalanches, wildlife sunsets, and slopes, over 200 challenges to master their skills and unlock rewards, Zen mode, the ability to customize their character, and much more. 

Players’ journey begins at the Hirschalm ski resort in the Alps from where they strap on their snowboards or skis and head to the lift to go up to Almhütte and try their first slalom challenge.

Apple Arcade

Upon completing challenges, players earn Ski passes to unlock ski lifts to reach new parts of the mountain. 

Get ready to explore vast open-world mountains and ski resorts in this skiing and snowboarding adventure. With complete freedom to go wherever you want, you can land the biggest cliff drop, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a narrow slalom track, stomp the perfect park run, or simply enjoy the feeling of fresh pow.

Grand Mountain Adventure+ is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later.

April 7, 2023: Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist is the game for you If you like solving mysteries, finding hidden items, and unlocking new areas during adventurous quests.

Doctor Who: Apple Arcade

The game is constantly updated to offer even more exciting adventures to use the smallest clues to solve mind-boggling mysteries.

Doctor Who is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later, and macOS 11.0.0 or later, respectively.

March 31, 2023: Human: Fall Flat+ offers a variety of open-ended levels full of challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions to put a boulder onto a catapult or break a wall. With more players, more mayhem is created which makes the game even more enjoyable. 

Players can also create their own characters including their heads, body, and even colors, and customize their outfits to turn them into skydivers, builders, chefs, ninjas, and others.

Human: Fall Flat+ is a hilarious, light-hearted physics platformer set in floating dreamscapes that can be played solo or with up to 4 players. Free new levels keep its vibrant community rewarded. Each dream level provides a new environment to navigate, from mansions, castles and Aztec adventures to snowy mountains, eerie nightscapes and industrial locations. Multiple routes through each level, and perfectly playful puzzles ensure exploration and ingenuity are rewarded.

Human: Fall Flat+ is also available on App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later.

March 3, 2023: Kimono Cats is a charming role-play game that allows players to select their main character cat attending a Japanese “matsuri” Festival with a companion. By completing activities to make the friend happy, the cat earns coins to progress on and buy objects, shops, and houses to build a personal village.

Kimono Cats is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later and macOS 11 or later.

Apple Arcade game

February 10, 2023: Riptide GP: Renegade+ allows players to enjoy adventurous hydrojet races over massive waterfalls, public waterways, and surging waves. Users can unlock new vehicles, characters, and customization features to build their crew.

You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Play through the single player career to unlock new vehicles, playable characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew.

Riptide GP: Renegade+ is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later and tvOS 13.0 or later.

Apple Arcade

February 13: Farmside brings the fun of farming to users’ screens. Players can build their dream farm by placing plots, planting crops, harvesting, and more. They can also raise farm animals like cows, chickens, and others.

Everything on the farm can be placed freely and they all have their own characteristics, such as fences that will stop chickens from running around, street lights that automatically light up the farm at night, and pavement that provides safe walkway for your avatar.

Farmside is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later, macOS 11.0 or later, and tvOS 13.0 or later, respectively.

Apple Arcade

February 3, 2023: Apple Arcade has debuted ” Castle Crumble” by Creative destruction.  The new adventure game allows players to embark on conquests to conquer kingdoms with a variety of battle tactics and tools. 



Castle Crumble

“Castle Crumble” brings the fun of action and adventure for players to crash forts from Aztec, Ancient, Medival, and other times by using mystical spells, explosives, and others tactics to win. Here are all the features the game offers:

  • Cannonball amazing castles
  • Execute your conqueror tactics
  • Explore fabulous kingdoms with unique visuals
  • Use a variety of mechanics on your quest

Castle Crumble is also available on App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later and macOS 11.0 or later.

Castle Crumble

January 28, 2023: Apple Arcade has added “Squiggle Drop” by Noodlecake to its game apps library. The new game offers intriguing physical puzzles for users to challenge and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

The game brings a hundred creative and imaginative puzzles which can be solved in multiple ways, how players draw their solutions is completely up to them. It also offers them rewards for completing puzzles and more interestingly, the chance to build their own Squiggletown. Here are all the features of Squiggle Drop:

  • 100 levels
  • Regular Content Updates
  • Daily Challenges
  • Challenging your friends to beat your scores
  • Leaderboards and Achievements

The game is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.0 or later and macOS 10.15.0 or later. 

Squiggle Drop - Apple Arcade

January 13, 2023: Apple Arcade has added a new to its catalog, Illustrated by BorderLeap. Illustrated is a unique puzzle game that allows users to play solo games or with up to three other players.

Illustrated’s unique gameplay is a creative blend of jigsaw and word puzzles that offer hundreds of illustrations for all ages from a wide range of artistic genres from artists, worldwide. Every illustration features a story written by each artist to give an insight into what inspired them to create the piece.

The game now features Van Gogh puzzles by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and also offers more than 5 hours long custom-composed music and sound effects to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Each puzzle begins with an illustration represented as an early concept sketch, paired with the concealed words of the artist’s story behind their work of art. Your objective is to solve the puzzle, strategically using both sides – illustration and story! With every correctly-placed piece, the illustration comes alive with color while the words of the story are slowly revealed. Upon completion, the full-color masterpiece and story are revealed together in unity.

Apple Arcade

Illustrated is also available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and requires iOS 13.5 or later, and macOS 12.0 or later.

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