The next frontier for Apple Watch: Integrated cameras

Apple may be considering adding a camera to its next-generation Apple Watches. However, this will only be possible if the device’s wearability isn’t affected. 

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Is the future of Apple Watches in the camera?

According to a patent application, Apple proposes to add a slight protrusion at the top of the watch to accommodate the camera. The design is similar to that of the existing Wristcam, but Apple is exploring ways to add the camera without making the watch bulky or uncomfortable to wear.

The proposed camera will have a high quality of up to 4K and 60 frames per second or a still camera with up to 12MP. Apple is dismissive of low-quality components, as they “may not meet a user’s quality expectations.” The camera is intended for various purposes, such as facial identification, fingerprint sensing, heart rate monitoring, and photography.

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The patent application is credited to five inventors, including Christopher M. Warner, who has previously worked on muscle-sensing Apple Watch bands. The company is exploring ways to incorporate the camera into the watch without affecting its other components, such as the display, battery, and circuit assembly. Additionally, the camera protrusion should not interfere with the band slot’s geometry to allow users to attach and detach the strap.

Apple’s primary concern is to add new features to its products without affecting the user experience. It is uncertain when the camera will be incorporated into the next-generation Apple Watches, but the company is exploring various options. Apple may increase the watch’s size to accommodate the camera or explore other innovative solutions.

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The company may also learn from the success of its Apple Watch Ultra, which demonstrated that users are willing to wear bulkier devices if they offer a clear benefit. In the case of the Apple Watch Ultra, the extended battery life is a significant advantage. Apple may explore similar benefits with its new camera addition, such as the ability to unlock all Apple devices through Face ID.

As with other patents filed by Apple, it is important to note that the Cupertino tech giant files many applications for new technology on a weekly basis, so we do not know for sure if this specific technology will be implemented in a future Apple Watch.

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