New Apple Cash accounts now run on Visa network

Apple Cash, formerly Apple Pay Cash, is switching networks from Discover to Visa, according to a new report. Visa has a larger global network than Discover and is, therefore, more widely accepted, which could be the reason for the move.

Apple Cash

New Apple Cash customers are noticing a Visa logo on their virtual cards

Apple Cash is a virtual debit card that allows customers to make secure, contactless purchases with Apple Pay from your iPhone or Apple Watch — both in stores and online. The service also allows users to send and receive money through iMessage and receive daily cashback for Apple Card owners.

Since its launch, the service has been operated through a partnership with Green Dot Bank on the Discover network. Now, It appears that Apple switched from Discover to Visa for Apple Cash earlier this week.

As spotted by user @Kanjo on Twitter, the virtual debit card now has a visible Visa logo in the bottom right corner. Prior to this change, there was no Discover logo on the card. Over the past few days, Apple has swapped out several images of the debit card on its website for new ones with the Visa logo at the bottom.

Apple Cash

This transition should mean a higher rate of acceptance for the virtual debit card since Visa is widely accepted in comparison to Discover. As the Cupertino tech giant works on expanding Apple Pay to more countries around the globe, the transition should give customers a wide chance to use Apple Cash.

Currently, it appears that new Apple Cash accounts are being created with Visa. It is unclear if the tech giant will transition existing Discover-based accounts to the Visa network. As reported by MacRumors, customers with existing Discover-based accounts can deactivate Apple Cash in Setting and then reactive it to generate a new Apple Cash Device Account Number on the Visa network.

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