Apple removes the separate binary requirement and introduces other changes for Dutch dating apps

To fulfill the requirements of the Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) order, Apple has introduced new changes for the Dutch dating apps’ developers. Most importantly, the company does not require the developers to submit two a separate binary for alternative payment methods only in the Netherlands.


In December 2021, the Dutch antitrust body ordered Apple to allow alternative payment methods for dating apps, outside the App Store, on iOS. Although the tech giant has filed an appeal against ACM’s ruling, the company did allow developers to add alternative payments but required them to create and use a separate binary. Unsatisfied with the changes, ACM has levied over $5 million weekly fines on the tech giant since January 2022 which have roughly totaled $50 million, up till the end of March 2022.

In spite of disagreement with ACM’s order, the company said that it is fulfilling its legal obligation in the region by changing the entitlements for dating apps developers.

As we have previously said, we disagree with the ACM’s original order and are appealing it. In the meantime, the changes we’ve made today demonstrate Apple’s ongoing commitment to fulfill its legal obligations in the Netherlands.

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Apple also adds new payment evaluation criteria and adjusts the language of the disclosure dialogue for dating apps in the Netherlands

The tech giant informed the Dutch dating apps’ developers of all the news changes on Developers support page which include the elimination of the requirement to create and use a separate binary of alternative payment methods. Now, developers can include alternative payments in their existing app but on iPhone and iPad devices only in the region. 

  • Removal of the Separate Binary Requirement: Apple is eliminating the requirement that developers of dating apps in the Netherlands who choose to use the above entitlements must create and use a separate binary. This change means that developers may include either entitlement in their existing dating app, but still must limit its use to the app in the Netherlands storefront and on devices running iOS or iPadOS.

Furthermore, the company has also introduced new criteria to evaluate payments that they need to use for all the payments made outside the App Store and has adjusted the language of the disclosure prompt that informs the users that they are going to make a purchase through a non-Apple payment system and the impact of their choice.

  • Payment Service Provider Criteria: Apple is providing updated and more-specific criteria to evaluate non-Apple payment service providers that developers of dating apps in the Netherlands may use.
  • Consumer Disclosures: Apps that use either entitlement need to include an in-app modal sheet that explains to users that they’re going to make purchases through an external payment system, and the potential impact that choice could have on the user. Apple is adjusting the language on the modal sheet and reducing the number of times the sheet must be displayed.
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