Apple cuts down prices for iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Apple has reduced the prices on the iPod line up right before the Rock and Roll event today on 9/9/9. These prices actually make the 32GB iPod Touch cheaper than the 32GB Zune HD so there goes one of the advantages the iPod Touch competitor had. The price change has only been visible in the US Apple Store so far. At the time of writing, the Apple Store is down, probably for new product updates that will go live after the event.

iPod Touch Price cutsiPod Touch:

  • 8 GB   :$189, price reduced by $40
  • 16 GB :$249, price reduced by $50
  • 32 GB :$279, price reduced by $120

iPod Nano:

  • 8 GB   :$129, price reduced by $20
  • 16 GB :$149, price reduced by $50

iPod Classic:

  • 120 GB :$229, price reduced by$20
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