Apple’s Employee Giving program has raised $725 million over the last decade

Apple is celebrating 10 years of its Employee Giving program, which has helped raise almost $725 million for 39,000 different organizations over the last decade. To celebrate the milestone, Apple has highlighted some of the ways that its workers volunteer, donate, or give back to their communities. 

Apple Employee Giving program

Apple highlights the global volunteer initiatives of its Employee Giving program

In a feature story, Apple shared updated statistics on its Apple Employee Giving program, as well as other initiatives like the Community Investment team and its Strengthen Local Communities (SLC) grant program. The Employee Giving program raised $120 million this year which was distributed to organizations around the globe. The funds raised through the program include the work of 68,000 employees who have logged almost 2 million volunteer hours.

In addition, Apple’s Community Investment team donated millions of dollars to nonprofits around the globe, including World Central Kitchen, The King Center, and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. The SLC program provides funding to local organizations in the communities where Apple team members live and work.

The feature story also includes specific stories of Apple employees giving back including corporate team member Mandy Hazen who volunteers with the Crisis Text Line from her home in California. Hazen has logged more than 400 hours of texting as part of Apple’s Employee Giving program.

“It makes me so happy that Apple helps to magnify the time I put into this,” Haven said. “The money goes to such an amazing organization that is meeting people where they are during a really difficult time.”

Mandy Hazen

Tom Sheppard, an Apple Store team member from New York City, has volunteered 1,000 years over the course of a three-year period. In the first year alone, that amounted to a $10,000 donation from Apple matching his time through the Employee Giving program.

“Find the thing you’re passionate about, figure out how you can share that with other people, and then see how Apple can help you amplify sharing it,” Sheppard said. “Sharing my love of technology was so important because it was exposing these kids to something they didn’t have access to before — and maybe that opens up a future of more opportunity.”


Apple also supports volunteer and donation efforts internationally including in Cork, Ireland. One project the company supports is Nasc, an organization that works to support migrants and refugees. There are currently 40 women from 14 different countries in the program

Elsewhere in the world, Apple also supports volunteer and donation efforts internationally, including in Cork, Ireland. One project that Apple supports in Ireland includes Nas, an organization that works to support migrants and refugees, including through resources like the Gateway program for women.

“Our aim is to meet women where they are and promote self-confidence, self-esteem, and inclusion,” said Gateway coordinator Claire Mackaey. “Apple has helped to keep the project running, and has given us the flexibility to be creative with how we support women. It’s given us the reassurance that we can maintain the work, and that means so much to us and to the people we’re helping.”

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