Apple Fitness+ reviews praise the service, variety of workouts, integration and more

Apple Fitness+ reviews are now out, just before its rollout which will start later today via software updates for Apple devices. The reviewers have praised Fitness+’ integration between Apple Watch and other devices, variety of workouts, and its polished user experience.

Fitness+ was announced alongside Apple Watch Series 6 launch as Apple’s service offering targeted towards health-conscious customers. It works by showing workout videos and overlaying real-time metrics from Apple Watch on to give users an understanding of how well they are doing. The service also keeps track of workouts, allowing users to go back in time and see their stats. If you have used Peloton, Fitness+ is a direct rival to the service.

Apple fitness+

Apple Fitness+ reviews praise variety and amount of workouts and integration

Input praised Apple Fitness+ and said that it has the right amount of gamification and fun, and even got the reviewer, who is not a fan of working out, hooked onto the training videos. The production quality of the videos, coupled with Apple Music, is outstanding and is an indication of where the service will go next as Apple continues to add more workouts.

In a way, Fitness+ gamifies fitness and makes it more accessible and entertaining. Remember how I said earlier that I work out because of necessity to get my endorphins pumping? Well, those endorphins never come with a grin on my face. I kid you not, I found myself happy and more buoyant after working out with Fitness+. In a year like 2020, I’ll take genuine happiness from wherever I can.

The Wall Street Journal says that Fitness+ is comparable to Peloton in many ways, but it lacks live and social features.

Overall, Fitness+ feels like a Peloton Digital Lite (which doesn’t otherwise exist). Apple’s app and Peloton Digital have high production value, motivating music playlists and charismatic trainers. But Fitness+ doesn’t have as many workout types, and the library of workouts isn’t as large. It also lacks Peloton’s live and social features. The Apple app does have one edge over Peloton’s: You can download classes and play them offline. While you can preload Peloton content for more stable playback, the workouts require an active internet connection to play.

CNET notes that Fitness Plus will no make users ditch their actual gyms or pilates studios, but it works great for when you have to work out from home.

Fitness Plus won’t make me ditch my Pilates studio anytime soon (once I can go in person), but I’d definitely consider it as a complement to my current routine. Sub in a fun dance session when the weather’s too bad for a run, or squeeze in a 10-minute core workout after putting the kids to bed. It’s a welcome changeup to my old running and Pilates routine, with different workout types and no-excuse options to get moving whenever or wherever I can. For now, I need to collapse on my couch for the next few days while I recover from this review.

CNBC calls Fitness+ a better value for money than Peloton and just as good. The review also calls out missing live classes, leaderboards, and other features that Peloton has.

Apple Fitness does a great job of encouraging all fitness levels. There are additional instructors during each workout showing recommended tweaks or changes you might make if you’re not in perfect shape like the trainers. In the cycling workouts, I was encouraged to push myself but not to set a specific level of resistance or cadence, which I liked better than on Peloton where I first felt like I wasn’t working out as hard if I couldn’t maintain the harder resistance levels.

There are also a few YouTube videos, including iJustine’s review, check them out below:

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