Apple finally fixes iCloud sync issue, after months of delay

An iCloud sync issue, which developers had highlighted back in November 2021, has finally been fixed by Apple. The months-long problem prevented users of certain apps from syncing their data with iCloud properly and attempts to sync resulted in the appearance of a 503 error message. 

iCloud is used as a sync backed by most iOS developers and allows apps to sync data between different devices, as well as securely store it on Apple’s servers. The data can be stored in an encrypted format and without any personally identifiable user information. Apple provides multiple tools and APIs which allow developers to easily develop and scale their apps. These tools include CloudKit Console and Core ML Model Deployment. 

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Since the patch, developers see a drop in iCloud sync failure reports 

Although the error occurred because of a problem on Apple’s end, users blamed developers for iCloud sync failure. Now, the issue is fixed and happy developers took to Twitter to spread the word. 

Tweetbot developer @Paul Haddad wrote that he has received zero iCloud Sync-related complaints in the past few days. “The number of iCloud Sync is broken reports we’ve gotten over the last 2 days have gone down to basically 0.”

Becky Hansmeyer, developer of YarnBuddy said that Apple sent her a detailed response on the issue which has been fixed. 

Along with the apps’ iCloud sync issue, Apple also fixed the iCloud outage impacting Game Center, iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, iCloud Storage Upgrades, iCloud Web Apps, and Photos. For the past few days, users complained on social media that they were unable to log into the iCloud website, saw an error message when connecting to Apple ID servers, and had trouble with app-specific passwords. 

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