Apple faces class action lawsuit over wage for manual work of retail staff in New York, U.S.

A former Apple retail employee, Raven Ramos has filed a class-action lawsuit against the tech giant for not paying a weekly wage for manual work in accordance with New York State’s law. Ramos worked at the Fifth Avenue retail location and is suing on behalf of herself and current Apple retail employees in New York.


Apple sued for $500 million for not paying weekly wages for manual work

As noted by 9to5Mac, New York state requires companies to pay manual workers on a weekly basis which includes employees that engaged or have engaged in manual work during their employment. However, a company can seek authorization to pay workers semi-monthly from New York’s Department of Labor Commissioner.

The class-action filing alleges that Apple does not have the authorization to pay employees on a semi-monthly basis and Ramos accuses the company of paying semi-monthly wages throughout the course of her employment from 2010 to 2018 which involved manual labor.

The document states that Apple has no authorization to pay on a semi-monthly basis. The Cupertino-based company owns multiple stores in New York and employs upwards of thousands of employees in the state. Ramos, a resident of Port Chester, New York, worked for Apple from October 2010 to January 2018 and was paid semi-monthly the entire time.

According to the class action complaint, at least 25% of Ramos’s job duties at the Apple Store involved manual labor. This includes “working the sales floor, unboxing products, emptied cash registers, and assisted customers.” Apple’s failure to pay timely wages also caused Ramos to lose “the time value of that money.”

The class-action lawsuit includes approximately 100 employees and is seeking $5 million in damages for each employee which totals $500 million.


Previously, the tech giant settled a lawsuit for $30 million for forcing retail employees to security bag checks.

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