In future, Apple Mac might come inside Magic Keyboard – Patent

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a new patent for a revolutionary keyboard including processing unit, memory, and other computing components. In the future Magic Keyboard could make the desktop computing experience portable by allowing users to connect a single device to an external display, anywhere.

Apple computer-inside-keyboard

Apple’s computer-inside-a-keyboard will be able to store, receive and send data

Apple’s filing describes a computer-inside-a-keyboard that can be connected to external monitor(s) via USB Type-C port so that it can be carried to any location. Equipped with a processing unit, the keyboard will be able to store and receive and send data. All the computing components will be enclosed in the keyboard’s metal casing like the processing unit, memory, keys, trackpad, touch sensor, USB Type-C port, power supply, and more.

A computing device can include an enclosure that defines an internal volume and an external surface. An input component can be positioned at the external surface. A processing unit and a memory can be communicatively coupled and disposed within the internal volume. A singular input/output port can be positioned at an orifice defined by the enclosure. The singular input/output port can be communicatively coupled to the processing unit and the memory.

The singular input/output port can be configured to receive data and power and configured to output data from the processing unit. The computing device can include an air-moving apparatus to move air along an airflow pathway. The enclosure can include a thermally conductive base.

Apple computer-inside-keyboard

Furthermore, the patent also details the cooling mechanism of the computer-inside-a-keyboard. The device will feature two vents and a bladed fan, on the rear side, to maintain the airflow in and out of the computer-inside-a-keyboard.

A computing device, comprising: an enclosure defining an internal volume, a first vent, a second vent; a keyboard positioned on the enclosure; a processing unit disposed within the internal volume; a memory communicatively coupled to the processing unit, the memory disposed within the internal volume; and an air-moving apparatus disposed within the internal volume to move air along an airflow pathway from an ambient environment into the internal volume through the first vent and from the internal volume into the ambient environment through the second vent.

Currently, Apple offers updated Magic Keyboard models for M1 Macs and iPads in Touch ID, numerical keypad, or both options. The tech giant has been exploring new technologies to offer virtual keyboards in MacBook, and glass keys.

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