Apple Music bug kicking out other apps from docks of iOS users, Apple confirms it is investigating the issue

An Apple Music bug is causing the app to install itself directly into the dock of iPhones when downloaded from the App Store. In addition, the app is replacing other existing native and third-party located in the dock. Apple has confirmed to publications that the issue is indeed a bug and it is under investigation.

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iPhone owners complaining of Apple Music is installing itself on the dock

First spotted by iOS developer Kevin Archer, complaints about the issue have been increasing on the platform. Archer posted a video to Twitter that showed the app overtaking the dock position of his device, replacing the spot in which Spotify was.

Initially, Archer claimed that the app was only replacing third-party apps, however, that is not the case. TechCrunch tested the bug and discovered the Apple Music app replace the Camera app, Twitter, and Safari.

Furthermore, there have also been complaints about Apple Music setting itself as the default music service for users even if another music app was set to default.

As per reports, it seems that iOS devices running iOS 15.4.1 are affected as well as iOS 15.5 beta. iPhones running older versions of iOS 15 also appear to be experiencing the same problem.

As noted by TechCrunch prior to Apple’s confirmation about the bug, the issue is not affecting all iOS users in the same way as there is no set pattern to the apps that Apple Music replaces.

And although Apple surely wants more subscribers to its Apple Music service, it’s hard to imagine Apple is willing to override consumers’ established preferences and how they’ve personalized the arrangement of apps on their iPhone in order to get there. That’s a poor consumer experience. Plus, if Apple were trying to be sneaky about shifting users to Apple Music it wouldn’t likely try something as obvious as putting its app directly on the dock in place of other apps.

In the past, Apple has been accused of favoring its native apps over third-party apps and is facing regulatory inspection over it. The tech giant once ranked its own apps at the top of its App Store search results and App Store charts.

Since the issue is significantly widespread, Apple will likely release a fix soon in a future iOS update.

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