Apple will not release security patches for iOS 14 anymore, pushing users to update to iOS 15

Only 63% of iOS devices are currently updated to Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 15. While there could be numerous reasons for this, Apple may have stopped signing off on the latest iOS 14 security updates. The tech giant is instead offering iOS 14 iPhone and iPad users the iOS 15.2 update that was just released in December. 

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Apple stops signing off on iOS 14 security updates

When ‌iOS 15‌ launched, Apple said that iOS offered a “choice between two software update versions,” promising to offer routine security updates for users who wish to stick with iOS 14 until they are “ready to upgrade to the next major version.” However, that no longer seems to be the case.

iOS now offers a choice between two software update versions in the Settings app. You can update to the latest version of iOS 15 as soon as it’s released for the latest features and most complete set of security updates. Or continue on iOS 14 and still get important security updates until you’re ready to upgrade to the next major version.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple devices running iOS 14.8 or older cannot update to iOS 14.8.1., and the software update setting is now only listing the iOS 15.2.1 update to install instead of showing both iOS 14.8.1. and iOS 15.2.1.

9to5Mac was able to confirm that devices running iOS 14.8 or previous versions of the operating system can no longer be updated to iOS 14.8.1. Instead, the Software Update menu only shows the iOS 15.2.1 update. Previously, iOS 15 was shown as an optional update, while users could just install iOS 14 security patches.

While this may just be a temporary bug, note that the Cupertino tech giant has not published any more security fixes for iOS 14 users since October. Although Apple has not commented on the issue at hand, it may have reconsidered its pledge to provide security updates for users who do not wish to upgrade to the more recent version of iOS.

Whatever may be the case, iPhone and iPad users who want to have the latest security updates will have to install iOS 15.

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