French TV channel offers rare glimpse into Apple Park, speaks to management

A French TV channel recently gave its views a rare glimpse of Apple Park and its inner workings. The French TV channel TF1 was given a tour of Apple’s iconic $5 billion campus which it calls “one of the most secret places on the planet.”

Apple Park

French media gets an exclusive look inside Apple Park

In the four-minute story, viewers are offered a look into the “huge campus designed by Steve Jobs” that is “as big as 1,000 football pitches,” and facilitates 12,000 employees.

Although the journalists and crew were able to take a walk inside Apple Park, they were constantly accompanied. TF1 states that the “culture of secrecy is felt at every moment. Many doors remained closed and each location filmed is subject to negotiation.”

The only three Apple employees that appear in the report are Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of global marketing, Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple Health VP, and Lisa Jackson, VP of environment and social initiatives. The rest of the employees’ faces were blurred.

Apple Park

Speaking to the SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Joswiak reminisced about Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, describing the offices as Jobs attempting “create the office building of the future. He wanted a place where people came out of the office, where they meet by chance, collaborate, and exchange ideas.”

Lisa Jackson also talked to the crew about Apple’s recycling robot. “This is what our customers expect,” she said, “and for us, that means being more attentive to the materials we use, reusing some of them and innovating to take this recycling into account when designing our products”

TF1 also spoke to Dr. Sumbul Desai, in charge of health, about Apple Watch and other initiatives related to health. “Our goal is to provide data that is useful to users and also to their doctors. We do not want to replace this doctor-patient relationship, but we want to improve it,” said Desai.

The report also notes the solar panels on the roof of the campus which are a part of Apple’s aim for a 100% carbon neutral footprint across its entire business by 2030.

Check out the full report on Apple Park here.

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