New Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels will go live on June 15

The newly announced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions service will officially launch on June 15. Cupertino tech giant confirmed the launch date in an email sent to podcast creators.

At the Spring Loaded event in April, Apple announced the new paid audio service. Listeners in 170 regions and countries will be able to enjoy ad-free and exclusive content from their favorite podcast creators like additional episodes, access to new series or shows, and more. Although the service was scheduled to launch in May, Apple pushed it to June to make changes and improvements in the app for a better listening experience.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple confirms launch on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels will launch this month

In an email to the creators, Apple confirmed the release date and also provided additional guidance material like links support pages to help podcast creators make “podcast subscriptions and channels shine.” As per 9to5Mac, the email stated:

“We’re pleased to share that Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels will launch worldwide on Tuesday, June 15. 

  • Use artwork that is simple, recognizable, and legible.
  • Clearly communicate the benefits you are offering subscribers.
  • Ensure you are uploading enough subscriber-only audio to provide a premium experience.

Podcasts are an emerging industry with a growing listeners base because it allows users to listen to discussions, stories, information and more anywhere and anytime like while in bed, commuting, working out. Therefore, Apple is starting its paid podcasts service with exciting podcast creators that include Tenderfoot TV, QCODE, Pushkin Industries, and Radiotopia from PRX, as well as media and entertainment brands like Sony Music Entertainment, NPR, The Athletic, Los Angeles Times, and many more. And creators are excited as well for the opportunity to make an earning for what they love to do.

Malcolm Gladwell and Jacob Weisberg, co-founders of Pushkin Industries said:

“Podcasting totally changed my approach to storytelling, and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is a mind shift,” said Gladwell, who also hosts Revisionist History. “Our producers and I have so many ideas that don’t fit into existing models but will now have an outlet. This is a big step forward in the evolution of the audio content business, and we are excited about it.” Added Weisberg, “Podcasting exists, and thrives, today because of Apple. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions will help us connect more deeply with our listeners and build a healthy business. We strongly believe that paid subscriptions are what independent creators like us need to succeed and thrive over the long term, and we’re thrilled that Apple is taking the lead.”

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Users will be able to easily sign-up for Apple Podcasts Subscriptions in the Podcasts app but the price for each subscription will vary because the cost is set individually by the podcast creators and users will be billed monthly default. In addition, “creators can additionally offer annual billing, which subscribers can manage from their Apple ID account settings, now accessible from Listen Now. Listeners will also be able to access free trials and sample episodes offered by creators.”

Thanks to a unified architecture and offline download support, users will be able to enjoy their favorite podcast episodes anywhere and anytime on all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, and CarPlay.

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