Apple Store app v4.0 for iOS gets product recommendations, in-store product scanning and more updates

Apple has updated its Apple Store app to version 4.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest update includes new feature and improvements including device based recommendations, better and easier management of user accounts, in-Apple-store product scanning from iPhones, an overview of in-store activities and more.Apple Store app for iOSHere’s everything new in this release:

  • The app provides recommendations of new products which work well with their Apple devices to make smart purchases. For example, if you use an iPad, Apple already knows because your iCloud account is linked to it. Apple uses this information to provide you the recommendations. To see which devices have you connected to your ID, go to Account > My Devices in the Apple Store app.
  • The Account tab provides improved management of your Apple account.
  • Users get information on upcoming workshops and events held at their nearest Apple stores. In-store alerts will ensure that users do not miss out on Apple’s helpful events.
  • Users will have more knowledge of their in-store activities by knowing when it is time to pick-up an order and when a reservation starts.
  • Users can make a purchase from their iPhone in an Apple Store by scanning the product to get information, make sure it’s compatible with their devices. The product can be purchased right there from the iPhone too.
  • Users can also check the availability of a favorite product when visiting an Apple Store.
  • The app now supports split screen and slide over multitasking features on iPad. You need iOS 9 and above to use these features.

The app is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Note that availability of certain features may vary according to country or region. If you have an Apple Store in your city that you make purchases from, the app is a must have.

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