Apple takes credit for text emoji reactions in Android Messages app

iOS Messages app lets users react to text through tapback reactions and earlier this year, Google Messages app version 10.7 introduced compatibility with iMessage emoji reaction on Android devices which bridged the gap between blue and green chat bubbles, slightly.

Now, Apple is taking credit for the interactive and expressive SMS tapback feature on the opposing platform.

apple -SMS Tapbacks on Android

Previously, when regular SMS texts were exchanged between an iPhone and Android smartphone, iMessage reactions appear as long texts instead of reaction icons or emojis on the Android device. For example, the thumbs up iMessage reaction appeared as “Liked an image” text or an exclamation reaction will appear as “Emphasized “I will get it done.”

Is Apple really taking credit for SMS Tapbacks on Android?

Twitter user @David Imel spotted that Apple has updated the iOS 16 “All New Features” page with additional text which gives the company credit for compatibility with SMS tapback emojis, it was not listed before.

Messages app section includes the following additional information:

SMS Tapbacks on Android
React to SMS messages with a Tapback, and a corresponding emoji reaction will appear on recipients’ Android devices.

apple -SMS Tapbacks on Android

Although it appears that Apple is taking credit for the SMS Tapbacks on Android, it might be just informing iOS users that their emoji reactions are going to be visible on Android.

Google recently launched an aggressive campaign against Apple to pressurize the tech giant to adopt the RCS protocol. Google used actors, Instagram influencers, videos, digital advertisements, and more in the effort but all went in vain.

At the 2022 Code Conference with Jony Ive and Laurene Powell Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone users were not asking for RCS support on iOS, and advised the audience member who had asked for RCS to send high-quality videos to his mother on Android, to buy his mom an iPhone.

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